Why Being South African is a Passport to Mediocrity

How good is it really to be a South African? According to the latest Quality of Nationality Index‚ an Mzansi passport ranks as only the 87th best in the world‚ and fourth in sub-Saharan Africa.

South Africa’s “quality of nationality” scored 33%‚ putting it in the lower half of the 150 states in the index and giving it a “medium quality” rating.

The findings were released in London on Wednesday by international residence and citizenship planning firm‚ Henley & Partners.

The company used a wide variety of quantifiable data to determine the opportunities and limitations nationalities impose on citizens‚ and the index measures both the internal and external quality of nationality.

Quality of life‚ opportunities for personal growth‚ diversity and the quality of opportunities were just some of the factors considered.

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