#SONA2017: Land and Economy Issues

SONA 2017 set to address land issue and economy

National Spokesperson of the African National Congress (ANC) Zizi Kodwa says 12 urgent tasks have been put up which the President Jacob Zuma needs to reflect in the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday night.

The 2017 SONA comes amid renewed calls from opposition parties on the president to step down following the Constitutional Court ruling on Nkandla and the former Public Protector's report on the State of Capture.

Speaking on AM Live Kodwa says, “Two among those tasks is the issue of returning the land to the people. Secondly, is to radically transform the economy unashamedly. Our people look forward to the implementation of eight clauses of the Freedom Charter. However, with redistribution of wealth and the return of the land, we have not done much as expected. “

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