The 2009 SANGONeT Conference aims to showcase the potential benefits of social media by facilitating maximum engagement between NGO participants and social media practitioners.

# Showcase a Social Media Tool, Application, Product or Service

An ICT and social media exhibition, “The Social ShowPlace”, will run concurrently with the conference. The exhibition provides NGOs, ICT service providers and IT consultants with an opportunity to showcase their products, services and the latest technological developments to a large audience. A dedicated session during the conference programme on Day One will also give participants the opportunity to engage with exhibitors.

The use of stand-up banners, hand-out materials and graphics is encouraged. Note that these "exhibitions" will be open during the entire conference, thus providing hosts with maximum exposure.

The following support and equipment will be provided to exhibitors:

  • Cocktail-size table and two chairs
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Power/plugs
  • Support of a technician
  • Card with your product's or project's name.

Prospective exhibitors are required to first register as conference participants, and then to confirm their interest in participating in the exhibition.

No extra fees will be charged for exhibitors.

# Showcase Your Social Media Experience

Although all the various sessions will have formal coordinators and presenters, one of the key objectives of the overall event is not only to introduce NGOs to the opportunities and challenges associated with social media, but also to expose them to practical experiences in the NGO sector.

If your NGO has a specific social media experience which will enrich any of the conference sessions, please register your interest here.

# NGO and Social Media - Online Survey

SANGONeT and World Wide Worx are currently implementing the 2009 “State of ICTs in the South African NGO Sector” research project. The purpose of the survey is to establish how effectively South African NGOs are using information communication technology (ICT), and whether it is making a difference in their ability to serve their constituencies.

Given the focus of the 2009 SANGONeT conference on the relevance of social media tools for the South African NGO sector, the research also covers a number of questions and issues in this regard.

To complement the formal research process, and to generate inputs from a wider spectrum of South African NGOs, SANGONeT is interested in learning more about NGOs' use, experience with, and knowledge of social media applications.

To complete the online survey and highlight your experiences with social media, click here.

The findings of the main research project, as well as the online survey, will be released during the 2009 SANGONeT Conference.

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