SCORE is an international non-profit organisation specialising in community development through sport and recreation. With its origins in South Africa in 1991, SCORE now has autonomous national offices in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and the Netherlands, each supported by the SCORE International office in Cape Town.

SCORE staff facilitates the development process by training local sports leaders who implement activities and drive the sport and development process in their own communities. In the case of certain projects, volunteers who receive training and support from regional staff, add value and increase capacity.

SCORE projects are implemented within a framework of three core programmes - Living Sport, VIP and Cup of Heroes. These programmes provide structure to the development continuum along which individual community sport leaders and community sport structures develop and are central to SCORE's programatic approach to sport and development.

SCORE's vision is to "Change lives and build stronger communities through sport". Targeting children and youth, women and girls and rural communities, SCORE achieves its vision by building strong partnerships, especially at community level, and through the capacity provided by SCORE volunteers and the volunteer community sports leaders trained and supported by the organisation in the communities where SCORE operates.

SCORE's mission is to use sport to provide children and youth with valuable skills and opportunities that they need to succeed in life and contribute to their communities. To this end, the focus of SCORE projects is on the implementation of life and leadership skills training; youth/peer driven community sports activities and events; community sports organisational capacity building; and using sport as a development tool.

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