Understanding Religious Fundamentalisms for Activists

‘Understanding Religious Fundamentalisms for Activists’ is a user-friendly resource manual created for rights activists facing religious fundamentalist opposition to their work. The manual brings together the innovative research and analysis produced by the Association for Women In Development’s Challenging Religious Fundamentalisms programme over the past six years, drawing on the experiences of hundreds of women’s rights activists in diverse regions of the world. This manual covers key areas of AWID’s research, including understandings of religious fundamentalisms; factors that lead to their growth; the impacts on women’s rights and human rights; and strategies used to counter religious fundamentalisms. It also includes concrete examples, visuals, and a series of discussion questions and participatory activities to encourage reflection on how religious fundamentalisms affect the day-to-day work of activists and how to strengthen activist responses. This manual aims to be is an accessible resource to inform and inspire dialogue, strategies, and advocacy on the issue of religious fundamentalisms.

For more information, refer to www.eldis.org/cf/rdr/?doc=68462.

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Training manual

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