He Would Lament

He would lament
at the plight
of the black man
the black person

He would lament
a voice silenced
the late Steve Biko
some 33 years ago

He would lament
a Namibiathat forgot
Anton Lubowski
some 21 years ago

He would lament
role models too few
a brawl in Khayelitsha
at a meeting is what
we have on offer

He would lament
(onehopes) at the plight
of the black woman too
and all of our women
at the raw end of it

(what with philandering
out there in the rough
and on the side too)

He would lament
our material world
Azania alienated still
thedream deferred

Do you not too

AZAPO president Jacob Dikoba remembers apartheid’s torture and killing of Black Consciousness Movement leader Steve Biko in September 1977; whilst a stabbing occurs at a meeting (SAFM Radio News 1400hrs, Sunday 12 Sept 2010). The Cape Times Leader page pays tribute to Anton Lubowski (Monday Sept 13, page 10) and Lubowski’s wife says that “Swapo overlooks white Namibian who gave his life” (page 4).

- David Kapp, david_kapp@yahoo.com

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