Umhlaba Development Services: Post World Cup Sentiment in Gauteng

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15 July 2010

99 percent of South Africans think South Africa did a good job hosting the World Cup, and 97 percent are “more proud” to be South African.

Given South Africa’s successful hosting of the World Cup and the spirit of national unity that emerged during the world cup, Umhlaba Development Services embarked upon a representative (telephonic) survey of households in Gauteng to determine the extent of participation in the event among the citizens of Gauteng, as well as, to establish whether this participation is likely of have a lasting impact on the social consciousness and identity of South Africans.

Some of the more interesting findings from the survey are presented below:

1. Approximately 38 percent of respondents claimed that they or their families had benefitted directly from South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup, but of these, only nine percent described the benefits as financial. However, 94 percent of respondents felt that hosting the World Cup will have sustained benefits for the country as a whole.

2. One of these sustained benefits may be a better understanding among South Africans of each other and the African continent, as 88 percent of respondents claimed that they now had a better understanding and knowledge of the various cultures, traditions and histories of different groups within South Africa, as well as, of the African countries participating in the World Cup.

3. It also seems that hosting the World Cup and the related participation and emerging social consciousness has contributed to a greater sense of social responsibility as the overwhelming majority (81 percent) of respondents claimed that they are now more likely to become (and stay) involved in charitable and developmental activities. This mass social mobilisation presents an opportunity for government and developmental organisations to build on, and ensure the sustainability of, the many benefits of hosting the World Cup.

4. Almost 20 percent of respondents reported that they had watched “all the world-cup games”, while a further approximately 47 percent watched “most of the games”. Only approximately one percent of respondents claimed that they had not watched any games.

5. Despite widespread concerns voiced in the local media that South Africans may feel sad, lethargic or depressed after the World Cup ended, the vast majority of respondents (73 percent) reported that they had not such negative feelings or symptoms.

6. The citizens of Gauteng are proud and the perceptions of South Africans of their own country have become more positive. As such, the World Cup has contributed to the emergence of a new national consciousness. Almost all (99 percent) said that South Africa had done “good job” hosting the World Cup, and an equal number (97 percent) reported that they are now “more proud” to be South African than they were before the World Cup. Further, approximately 91 percent of respondents felt that there is now a greater sense of unity among South Africans than there was before hosting the World Cup.

7. There is also great news for Bafana Bafana and local football teams, as 89 percent of respondents said that they are now more likely to support local football.

8. Further, 98 percent of respondents felt that hosting the World Cup made an important and positive contribution to nation building, 97 percent felt that it made and important and positive contribution to the South African economy, 98 percent felt that it made a positive and important contribution to infrastructure development in South Africa, and 96 percent thought it had a positive impact on Africa as a whole.

9. And finally, 80 percent of respondents felt that the World Cup had met or exceeded their expectations.

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Friday, 16 July, 2010
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