Response to the Arrest of a JMPD for1 R1 000 Bribe

Corruption Watch finds it commendable that the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) is proving it can act tough on corruption but a more systemic response to corruption is urgently needed.

Executive director, David Lewis, is responding to the City of Joburg’s press release which reports that a JMPD official has been arrested for soliciting a R1 000 bribe from an employee of the Zimbabwean Government.

“Isolated cases do count but we expect more from the JMPD and the City of Joburg. A practical strategy for dealing with corruption in the JMPD is necessary. It should go beyond just targeting low-ranking officials and include middle and higher ranks as well,” he said.

This week Corruption Watch released a report on JMPD bribery which shows that one in four Joburg drivers were asked for a bribe in 2010. While the JMPD internal disciplinary processes reflect that only 184 officials were reported for corruption in three years, Corruption Watch found that bribery among metro police was widespread. The civil society organisation has launched a ‘no more tjo-tjo’ campaign to encourage South Africans to take a stand against bribery.

Lewis said, should the City of Joburg – as promised in its press release - dedicate a cellphone number and an email address for reporting corruption, Corruption Watch would publicise it widely in its social media platforms.

“We know that the City’s and JMPD’s present communication lines for reporting corruption are insufficient and they fail to respond to the scale of the problem. One of our recommendations is that the City and JMPD improve the corruption reporting lines.”

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Date published: 
Thursday, 26 April, 2012
Corruption Watch

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