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The NWSSDF is concerned about being misquoted on Lottery issues by Mr Michael Schmidt in his article published in the Saturday Star of 30 June 2007. This press release sets the record straight on the NWSSDF position on the Lottery.

Mr Schmidt contacted the NWSSDF by telephone and email during May 2007, with a very clear agenda, requesting information on what amount of interest would be earned by the lottery operator from ticket sales. The NWSSDF response was clear, stating the following:

a) That information on the actual amounts of money earned by the lottery operator was not the focus of our work, this information is available in the Annual Report of the operator and that Mr Schmidt should seek those answers from the operator;

b) That the NWSSDF is interested in the policy arena of this matter in terms of suggesting the creation of regulations for the operation of the Distributing Agencies (DA’s)

c) That negative public sentiment of the operation of the lottery will ultimately affect the beneficiaries of grants and therefore the NWSSDF promotes a collaborative approach to improving the functioning of the lottery.

The above-mentioned position of the NWSSDF has been clearly articulated in two articles published on the SANGONET website.

Since July last year, the NWSSDF has been working within the civil society sector to determine the major policy issues that have been impacting on recipients of grants as part of our policy engagement work. By mid-August 2006, the NWSSDF had collated responses from civil society and highlighted the actual policy matters that civil society should be examining to improve the functioning of the NLDTF.

Two follow up articles have been published on the SANGONET website that clearly articulate the position of the NWSSDF. This position has been from the outset focussed on how civil society and the State can work collaboratively to ensure the payouts to civil society are better managed and service to beneficiaries can be maintained. The NWSSDF has clearly argued against court action or any other kind of adversarial approach to this matter on the basis that the lottery is one of the more efficient donors in South Africa.

The NWSSDF has not taken a position on the actual financial dealings of the lottery or its operator.  Our focus has been and still is on the policy issues that have affected the payments of grants to beneficiary organisations. The NWSSDF works to improve access to and involvement in the policy process that affects welfare, social services and development in South Africa.


Further information: Rajesh Latchman, 011 4031915 or 083 443 0227 /Marilyn Setlalentoa, 082 200 8005


Media ReleaseThe NWSSDF is concerned about being misquoted on Lottery issues by Mr Michael Schmidt in his article published in the Saturday Star of 30 June 2007.

Date published: 
Thursday, 5 July, 2007

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