Inspirational Netflix and TED star to address huge IFC fundraising event 1,000 fundraisers and changemakers - 60 countries - 500 global organisations

1,000 changemakers from around the world will converge on the Netherlands this year for the 39th annual IFC. They’ll bring with them a thirst for knowledge and learning, and leave with fresh strategies, new connections, boundless inspiration, and a renewed passion for the critical work that they do.

IFC is internationally known for its stunning lineup of powerful speakers, and 2019 will be no exception. It kicks off with an opening keynote by William Kamkwamba, better known as ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, whose literally life-changing story garnered 2.2 million TED views and launched a new Netflix film starring Chiwetel Ejiofor.

At age 14, William began a journey of self-taught exploration that would create a better life for his family and his entire community, starting with building a windmill to power his family’s home, which led to other projects that focused on malaria prevention, solar power, clean water, a drip irrigation system, and even uniforms for his village team, Wimbe United, whose victories on the field brought the community together.

IFC 2019 ends with a riveting trio of young activists who, though facing completely different sets of circumstances, shared the desire to be the change they wanted and needed to see in the world, as well as the energy, enthusiasm, and conviction to do it:

  • Srishti Bakshi left her marketing career to embark on a 2,300-mile walk across India to educate people in local communities on gender-based violence and inequality. 
  • Elvis Eze is an outspoken emergency medicine physician dedicated to ending the terrible plague of malaria. 
  • Joanna Sustento became the human face of the climate crisis. After losing her family in Super Typhoon Haiyan, she travelled the world to highlight the devastating impact of climate change.

In the intervening days between opening and closing plenaries, IFC attendees will hear from scores of global disruptors culled from every aspect of the fundraising, nonprofit, and social impact realms, along with a healthy dose of input from the corporate world - with more than 100 speakers in all, representing more than 60 countries. 

Attendees will be immersed in discussion, debate, inspiration and learning around fundraising, ethics, social enterprise, corporate partnerships, leadership and strategy, digital marketing, financial innovation, and much more.

However, IFC is about more than learning. It’s about camaraderie and commiseration, about understanding, about shaking off complacency and embracing possibility. And it all happens in a nurturing environment, surrounded by like-minded colleagues representing every possible mission, location, budget, skill set and challenge.
Ninety percent of attendees say that IFC has delivered positive change in their organisation, and 86 percent would recommend the conference to colleagues — because IFC is more than just another fundraising conference. It’s simply unlike any other professional development event in the world.
‘The value of IFC for me is that there is no single “light bulb” moment, but a thousand twinkling lights of inspiration that fuel my work for the year to come’, said ML Lalonde, head of brand engagement at UNICEF in the United States and a frequent IFC participant and speaker. ‘I don’t think there is anywhere else on earth where so many open-hearted world changers come together in this way’.

IFC 2019’s speaker and session lineups have been carefully crafted to address this year’s ambitious theme: ‘Time for Action’.

‘We know this year’s IFC will be the boldest, most challenging and inspiring yet’, promised Laura Boulton, head of strategy and reach at the Resource Alliance, the international thought leader nonprofit that curates IFC. ‘We cannot wait to inspire and be inspired by the energy, dedication and action IFC 2019 will create’.

Those interested in more information about IFC 2019: Time For Action or wanting to reserve a place, can do so at

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Wednesday, 24 July, 2019
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