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Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI) is a South African-based research and strategy firm built on the premise that, as Africa’s integration into global affairs accelerates, so too does the need for up-to-date, informed analysis and insight into the Continent’s numerous political, economic, social and business happenings.

Exclusively focussed on Africa, our suite of products and service offerings are formulated to complement today’s ever rapid operating pace and the need for information. Specifically designed to accommodate the needs of civil society, business, academia, and policy makers, in both the public and private spheres across the globe, CAI strives to be the definitive portal for intelligence and information access in Africa.

Our offerings

Complimentary Briefings

As part of the CAI product offerings, we release a variety of free-to-air briefings. These include fortnightly newsletters from the various units within CAI and ad-hoc briefs on current, salient issues. To receive these complimentary publications direct to your inbox, please visit our website.

Premium Research Publications
CAI’s Premium Research Publications offer clients a cross-spread of Africa-focussed, intelligence-driven reports. Covering a wide-range of key areas, the CAI reports provide a better understanding of Africa’s vast dynamics and are released on a fortnightly, monthly, and annual basis. Aimed at fulfilling our aim to be the definitive portal for intelligence and information access in Africa, the CAI Premium Research Publications are sure to meet your Africa-focussed research needs. For more information on our Premium Research Publication, click here.

Areas covered by CAI’s Premium Research Publications include (but are not limited to):

  • Business developments
  • Conflict & Terrorism
  • Economic movements
  • Foreign interests in Africa
  • Gender issues
  • HIV & AIDS
  • Human rights
  • Mining & Energy
  • Political trends

Tailored Research Solutions

Drawing on our internal and associate strengths, CAI offers clients tailored research services to assist in meeting specific research and strategy needs. Our tailored research operates over-and-above the CAI subscription-based offerings, and through client liaison allows for individual research solutions on an array of areas. CAI’s tailored research and ad-hoc offerings are designed to meet bespoke needs, and individual knowledge and strategy requirements, in order to provide an even deeper perspective into specific issues around the Continent. For more information on our Tailored Research Solutions, click here.

Complimentary Trial Offer

To illustrate how CAI can assist you and your organisation, we extend a complimentary, no obligation 1-month trial to any or all of our Standard Research Publications. Currently, CAI releases 5 reports across our 5 Research Units. Our Research Units include: Africa Watch; Gender Issues; HIV & AIDS; Asia Dimension; and Conflict & Terrorism. In mid-2010, CAI will also be launching a Human Rights Research Unit.

For more information, and/or to sign up to the CAI 1-month trial, click here. Alternatively, you can contact Jonathan Mundell at

For more information on CAI, click here.

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Wednesday, 11 February, 2009
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