Busan Development Partnership Pioneers - Civil Society Rolls Out Implemenation At National Level

Just one month after concluding the landmark* international development agreement with governments and donors in Busan, South Korea, civil society organisations (CSOs) worldwide start work with two important resources to implement their people-centred approach to poverty eradication and advocate for more democratic space.

Global and fully inclusive civil society-led process Open Forum has just launched the Toolkits for CSO Development Effectiveness, available to all civil society organisations (CSOs) wishing to put the newly agreed and internationally acknowledged International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness into practice.  

“We have been successful in achieving international recognition as embodied in paragraph 22 of the Busan Partnership Agreement.  Now is the time for action”, says Emele Duituturaga, co-chair of the Open Forum - which led in the development of the International Framework. “These global commitments need to be translated into action at the local level so that the impact is felt ‘where the rubber hits the road’”, she adds.

Guided by the International Framework, the Implementation Toolkit supports the work of people’s organisations to improve their impact on the lives of the most poor and marginalised around the world and in their own communities.

In its own turn, the Advocacy Toolkit provides tips and advice from fellow CSOs on advocating for a more enabling context for civil society to operate - for example, ensuring the human rights that governments have committed to in law are actually being upheld in practice.

“We shall challenge our governments to improve enabling environment for CSOs”, says Vazha Salamadze, co-chair of the Open Forum.

Civil society not only serves but also helps to represent the people most in need in our own communities and around the world. The newly launched Implementation and Advocacy Toolkits will be instrumental in realising civil society’s vision of development based on people-centered participation and empowerment.


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Olga Kozhaeva
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The Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness is a global fully participatory space run by and for civil society organisations worldwide to improve their effectiveness as development actors and advocate a more enabling environment from governments and donors. The Open Forum has finalised the International Framework for CSO Development Effectiveness - that includes the widely known Istanbul Principles - and launched the Implementation and Advocacy Toolkits for its contextualised application around the globe.

For more about the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness, refer to www.cso-effectiveness.org.

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Date published: 
Thursday, 2 February, 2012
Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

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