Wamakersvallei Training Centre

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Wamakersvallei Training Centre

The Wamakersvallei Training Centre opened its doors early in 1998 to welcome the first group of students, who would benefit from the newly established community service with the mission of providing affordable market orientated training. 

The vision of Wamakersvallei Opleidingsentrum / Training Centre is to apply its expertise and experience to create an optimal and successful training project for unemployed semi-skilled workers in the Boland from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and the placement of these trained people in the labour market. They see their intervention as holistic, responding to needs and driven by community leadership.
Wamakersvallei Opleidingsentrum / Training Centre's mission is to provide training to unemployed disadvantaged people with the aim to successfully secure employment or to equip them to be entrepreneurs in the fields of; frail care, home management / cooking courses, child and baby care.
Main activities and services - projects / programmes / events, etc.
The Wamakersvallei Training Centre is a community-based centre. The organisation provides training to previously disadvantaged groups of the community. Students must be over the age of 18 and have passed at least Grade 9. The training consists of an eight week course including a two week practical and final exam. Students can choose one of three courses in the fields of Frail Care, Home Management and Cooking skills and Child / Baby Care. The training provided is a crucial and affordable service, giving individuals who would otherwise never have had the opportunity, a new beginning in life. The organisations main objective is to train unemployed people to become skilled workers or entrepreneurs in their communities. The students start to develop their own potential during these eight-week courses. Not only do they receive training in theory and practical experience, but also obtain valuable life skills and knowledge.
Challenges and opportunities

Building and site maintenance - broken windows, painting, air-conditioning, heaters, effective security system, kitchen appliances.


The training centre is in need of resources such as classroom resources - white boards, stationary, printing of materials, editing of content, data projector.

Social support :

Their students are from disadvantaged backgrounds and need social support. They struggle with issues such as HIV/AIDS, rape, fetal alcohol syndrome, crime and abuse. Due to financial restrictions they can not give priority to the above and need to raise funds for every project.

Wamakers is the only training centre of its sort in the region thus there is a lot of opportunity for growth and development of new courses.  However due to the fact that there is a lack of permanent staff we do not consist of the recourses to develop content and facilitate courses.  The organisation hopes to add more courses to our curriculum by 2015 to reach and serve an even wider community. 
Impact / contribution to society:
Since 1998, over 3000 students have successfully completed their training and we have succeeded in placing 83 percent successfully into jobs countrywide.The organisation believes that Wamakersvallei Training Centre is serving the community by providing a unique opportunity to empower individuals to have a sustainable impact within their own lives as well as their communities.

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