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Sinani started life as the KwaZulu-Natal Programme for Survivors of Violence in 1994. It was formed to address party political conflict and violence mainly in rural communities in KwaZulu-Natal between the African National Congress and Inkatha Freedom Party. While this emphasis on addressing political conflicts and tensions has remained, the organisation’s emphasis has extended to embrace working with other forms of conflict (e.g. traditional leaders vs. elected officials, gender-based violence, and intergenerational issues). Sinani also seeks to address some of the main challenges and problems facing their partner communities, in particular HIV/AIDS and poverty. An increased emphasis on supporting the development of local organisations is central to Sinani’s practice.

Sinani’s vision is to contribute to a South Africa in which each community is a safe and enabling environment for individuals, groups, social development and actualisation. The organisation aims to reduce the levels of poverty, disease, violence, crime and increase social capital in under-resourced communities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Main Activities and Services-Projects, Programmes and Events

Sinani is an accredited service provider, offering accredited victim empowerment trainings (level three) to community-based organisations.

The organisation:

  • Facilitates conflict transformation and healing between groups living in tension or conflict with each other and with themselves;
  • Supports the development of effective community based organisations which address community problems; so that they are able to engage strategically with service providers (including local and provincial government) and
  • Develops brokers working relationships between local and or provincial government as well as community structures and groups in the interests of improved service provision.


Sinani has three interlinked programmes, namely:

  • Peace building;
  • Poverty Alleviation; and

Upcoming Events

  • Vulindlela initiative monument, 6 July 2013, Pietermaritzburg, Vulindlela area;
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness event, 11 July 2013,Coastal region and
  • History booklet launch, the cleansing ceremony peace event documentation, in October 2013, Umbumbulu area.


  • The prevalence of violence and conflict in communities such as gender-based violence;
  • Conflicts between traditional authorities and elected councillors; other forms of conflict, e.g. that between youth and adults or aged;
  • Poverty and its concomitant social, psychological and economic implications; and
  • The very high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in communities.

Impact/Contribution to Society

Sinani’s work has contributed to a range of effects and impacts in the communities with which they have engaged with, particularly the dissolution of historical conflicts and a concomitant reduction in violent crime and in obstacles to cooperation within communities. The organisation has contributed to the increased levels of functional and effective organising for conflict resolution including self-help and service delivery at community level (forums; service organisations; etc). It has also offered innovative programmes to address the spread of HIV/AIDS and participatory planning around local economic development.

Sinani is currently engaged with 13 communities across KwaZulu-Natal and is working with over 150 local organisations and structures.

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