Phakama Youth Development Projects

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Phakama Youth Development Projects (PYD) (134-037 NPO) is a fully registered nonprofit organisation under Mkhambathini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal managed by local all African individuals.

The organisation is based at No.2 next to Injabulo Clinic where it used to be Edamweni Store before (KwaBhengu Store).
Its mission and vision is to help develop previously disadvantaged youth into three categories:

  • Mental Development - which falls into our skills development section;
  • Spiritual Development - it is acquired through church services, motivational talks and seminars;
  • Physical Development - the organisation teaches them on healthy living and provide food parcels where it can.

Currently the organisation's main sponsors National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Ingaphakathi Projects and Department of Agriculture and a few local private sector as well as individuals. No one is funding its soup kitchen and food parcels projects while NYDA is funding its learner assistance project with school uniforms and wheelchairs. Ingaphakathi Projects is running the organisation's training and facilitation of the clothing and textile course, Department. of Agriculture provides seeds tools and gardening skills for its gardening project.
The organisation has a focus on the National Framework Policy for the physically disabled youth and individuals with its Human Development programme, where it says let us first see to it that every disabled individual has access to mobility, basic nutrition, primary health care and social services, shelter and at least a certain level of education.
PYD's mission is focuses on development of local youth, targeting teenage mothers, orphaned and vulnerable children, unemployed and HIV/AIDs infected and affected individuals. The organisation has different projects that it is running at the local community hall.
Current Projects

  • Community Outreach – the organisation has 13 volunteers that provide home-base care and this is where we address the HIV/AIDS issue as well as social responsibility, identify and provide necessary interventions;
  • Soup Kitchen Project - caters for 41 orphaned, vulnerable and single parented children;
  • Young Entrepreneurs Upliftment and Mentorship Programme - the organisation identifies and assists potential young and promising youth with business skills and motivations as well as looking for financial assistance to overcome high unemployment rate and poverty;
  • Learner upliftment project - PYD has bought and handed over 26 school uniforms in 2014 with the help of the NYDA (Thusano Fund) and also secured four bursaries from Fundza Lushaba;
  • Come walk with me, disabled upliftment project - already donated seven wheelchairs to the seven local disabled youth from the NYDA, PYD is looking at skills development as well;
  • Clothing and textile course - Sponsored by Ngaphakathi Projects the organisation managed to have 20 community members involved in fashion designing and all of them are young unemployed mothers from local community;
  • Gardening Project - with the help of the Department. of Agriculture with skills, tools and seeds, the organisation has a piece of land where it ploughs and plants vegetables that help it on its food parcels with fresh and healthy vegetables;
  • Bible School – every Saturday there is a bible school project conducted by Youth of Christ in Action (YOCIA)

Proposed Projects for 2015

  • MOU proposing a partnership with FOVOC (Foundation for Offenders and Victims of Crime) and Dept. of Correctional Services - The organisation has identified the need for intervention as far as victim’s or offender’s children are concerned in order to deal with their infection and affection;
  • Bakery and Bio-diesel Projects – these two are income generating projects that PYD is also looking at to minimising poverty and unemployment rate;
  • Mobile Library – Since locally PYD has at least 13 schools including primary schools and High Schools but there is no library facility where learners can access information and technology, the organisation has thought of asking for donations and sponsors for a mobile library.

PYD Projects and its volunteers believe that its children belong to a society and that poverty is not a one man war but a social responsibility where all persons shall take part physically, spiritually and also by different contributions.
All our projects are aimed at helping improve the lives of the vulnerable and helpless individuals and families but with the priority of developing and unleashing the talent from previously disadvantaged and direct or indirectly victimised youth and children.
With the little help the organisation gets from the government departments, individuals and private sector; it manages to contribute towards the betterment of our society.

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