Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre

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Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre

Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre is a small centre for children with multiple disabilities. The Nkanyezi Stimulation Center, formally known as Dimpho, was renamed in memory of the late Nkanyezi Mark Tshabalala born on 4 January 1989 and died on 30 September 2000.

Nkanyezi was a Cerebral Palsy with Hydrocephalus epileptic and wheel chair user; he inspired his mother Thembekile Prisca Tshabalala to recruit mothers and families of children with multiple disabilities and formed a support group in September 1998, a centre which was founded by mothers who had nowhere to send their children for loving care, stimulation, education and safety.

They are non-governmental organisation (NGO) licensed with the Gauteng Department of Health and registered as a NGO by Department of Social Development Registration Number 016-868 NPO.

Aims and Objectives

To foster, promote, encourage, advance and develop services for intellectually and physically disabled children;
Develop a firm foundation for the disabled children by stimulation and teaching of life skills and developing a disabled child;
Raise funds either by sponsorship or other means, and spend such funds in pursuing the objectives in accordance with funding policy; and
Mobilise and empower parents of disabled children to lobby for the protection of their rights.

Services rendered

  • Sensory activities (smell, taste, see, hear and touch);
  • Gross motor (big movements of the body);
  • Fine motor (small movements of the body);
  • Activities of daily living;
  • Communication skills (EL and RL);
  • Feeding;
  • Nappy changing, toilet and potty training;
  • Socialisation and
  • Loving, care and safety.

The day for Nkanyezi service users starts at 07h00 in the morning and ends at 15h00 in the afternoon. Their criterion for admission is children with severe or profound intellectual disabilities. They cater for age groups that are between the years of 3 and 18. Nkanyezi is currently used by 40 service users, 19 males and 21 females.


Nkanyezi needs financial and equipment support so they can be able to run their day to day activities. They need office furniture office appliances, kitchen appliances, security devices and transport to accommodate the service users.
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