Masoyi Home Based Care

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Masoyi Home Based Care (MHBC) began offering services in 1997 in response to the increasing number of people who were HIV infected and families that were affected by the illness and death of loved ones. Soon after the emergence of MHBC, it became clear that children were experiencing many problems as a result of illness and death within their families. This led to the birth of Orphan Care Programme.

Today, this programme reaches out to orphaned vulnerable children (OVC) and provides spiritual, emotional and physical support to children. The services include assistance with obtaining birth documents, daily feeding, food parcels, early childhood development programme run from multi-care centres, assistance with homework for older children and the running of leadership and peer-support programme with vulnerable youth.

With over 165 volunteers, plus regularly visiting international groups, MHBC currently reaches over 1 300 OVC and cares for more than 200 patients.

In addition to home-based Care, the organisation has built two care centres in Masoyi called Lula and Khayalethu two (K2). These are places for OVC from pre-school to high school graduation to come and receive hot meals, teaching, activities, help with their homework as well as learn various life skills. One of the primary benefits is that the children receive love, affirmation, and encouragement. A youth resource centre, called K3, has also been built and assists with vital life and other skills (computer, sewing, carpentry etc.) for older children.

As the Orphan Care Programme expanded, it developed into a holistic programme offering comprehensive services to OVC and caregivers. Staff within the Orphan Care Programme began to see potential to implement the programme across the continent. The desire to replicate the model in other parts of Africa saw the emergence of Hands at Work as an independent movement that is implementing the Masoyi model in other parts of Africa.


MHBC is a Christian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable and destitute in the community especially of those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. MHBC is committed to improving the lives of those in the community by addressing their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. The goal is to help people to be self-sustainable.


To build a strong, resilient, productive and healthy population in the Masoyi tribal region. MHBC wants to serve as an effective Christian Home-Based Care model that can be duplicated throughout Africa


  • Home-Base Care;
  • OVC;
  • Early Childhood Development;
  • Youth Life Skill Centre;
  • Peer Education;
  • Feeding Schemes;
  • Iso labantwana;
  • House Building; and
  • Young Moms.

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