Intuthuko National Development and Human Rights Organisation

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Intuthuko National Development and Human Rights Organisation (INDHRO) is an non-governmental organisation (NGO) registered with the Department of Social Development (South Africa).

INDHRO is a support provider, providing services on four main strategic focus areas; research, climate change, technical support intervention programmes, capacity building intervention programmes, human rights awareness and education interventions, organisation and business development interventions for cooperatives such as small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) and other social enterprises.
INDHRO services are provided to a wide range of partners especially working in partnership with the below listed partners:    

  • Communities;
  • Cooperatives;
  • NGOs / Community-based organisations (CBO)
  • SMMES;
  • Social Enterprises;
  • Government departments;
  • International Organisations;
  • Continental and Regional Bodies;
  • Funders;
  • Foreign mission;
  • Corporate sector;
  • Organised Labour;
  • Organisations of unemployed people.

INDRHO’s vision is to be an empowered national development and human rights organisation operating in all nine provinces of the Republic of South Africa by 2015.

INDHRO’s mission is to design, implement, monitor and evaluate research driven social and economic development interventions, through a committed and inspired a multi- skilled / disciplinary technical team of professionals / associates; development activists and dedicated administrative support team.

The values that this organisation espouses include; to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa honouring and abiding by its Constitution, to adhere to democratic principles and practices, to respect the rights, culture and dignity of all people within the framework provided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  promoting the unity and wellbeing of the beneficiaries communities and groups, supporting a participatory democracy, transparency (efficiency and effectiveness) and lastly promoting unity in diversity.

Climate Change Intervention:
The main goal in climate change intervention is to make a sterling contribution to the eradication of poverty and inequality through promoting Green Economy initiatives at community level.

The aim of this climate change intervention is to promote, initiate and participate in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes and projects in Southern Africa.

The objectives of such this intervention include:

  • To conduct relevant and appropriate climate change related research;
  • To provide technical support services on climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes and projects;
  • To facilitate formation, registration of renewable energy cooperatives and provide mentoring technical support;
  • To organise and facilitate Environmental Justice dialogue, campaigns and education programmes for youth.

The process adopted by INDHRO is based on the Basic Model for managing development, and contemporary change management methodologies. The process takes a holistic and multi-dimensional approach that combines knowledge, skills and practice support by continuous monitoring, evaluation documenting and sharing case studies and best practices process. Progressive development principles and practices are a thread weaving through all INDHRO programmes and projects.

Climate Change Programmes Implementation Framework:

  • By providing research for sectors and community level baseline research on climate change and green economy research;
  • Engaging with the community, duty bearers, role-players and stakeholders;
  • Community mobilisation, civil NGOs, CBOs, faith-based organisations and other rural and urban based organisation;
  • All organs of the state including all spheres of government and public enterprises;
  • Corporate sector development, finance institutions and / or international development organisations;
  • Beneficiary groups include, vulnerable groups such as women, youth, and persons with disabilities, cooperatives and SMMEs.

Programme Activities:

  • Environmental rights awareness raising workshops, climate change awareness workshops and green economy accord dialogue;
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation programme and projects design, development implementation and monitoring.

INDHRO has established strategic partnerships with other NGO’s which have similar programmes such as research, capacity building, climate change and cooperative development programmes. A major partner in the civil society sector is the South African National NGO Coalition (SANGOCO).

Project based partnership have been established with the University of South Africa which provides INDHRO with technical support of highly qualified development specialists in various fields of socio-economic development and access to unemployed graduates in provinces where INDHRO operates such as in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

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