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InkuluFreeHeid is a youth-led, non-partisan movement of ordinary South Africans. A platform aiming to unite South Africans and organisations in finding solutions to the challenges of our time. InkuluFreeHeid was established in February 2013 by a group of young people from across the country, and has since grown into one of South Africa’s largest non-partisan youth movements.
InkuluFreeheid’s vision is 'a deeper freedom for all who live in South Africa', which is coupled with its mission, which is 'to build a non-partisan movement of all who live in South Africa. A movement that works and acts on social, political and economic issues towards enhancing freedom, promoting dignity, and realising the vision of an economically empowered and truly free South Africa.'
The main activities of InkuluFreeHeid are centred on three pillars, which form the objectives of the organisation to unite South Africans behind efforts that:

  • Deepen democracy;
  • Enhance social cohesion;
  • Find solutions to pressing economic challenges of our time.

In its view, these three pillars are interdependent and necessary in successful nation building efforts.
InkuluFreeHeid invites any and all non-partisan and peaceful efforts towards deepening democracy, enhancing social cohesion and addressing economic challenges, including summits, cultural events, arts gatherings, lobbying efforts, partnerships with business / government / labour, policy or democracy workshops, educational programmes, community soapboxes, policy research creation, community impact profiling of organiser activities etc.
People can sign up to become InkuluFreeHeid organisers in their communities throughout South Africa. Organisers are responsible for organising the ‘Our Vote Our Voice (OVOV)’ community soapbox events and for establishing the movement’s presence in local communities by bringing people and groups together behind efforts that deepen democracy, advance social cohesion and address economic challenges.
InkuluFreeHeid is headquartered in Johannesburg and has a growing presence in Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng. People from all walks of life who want to join the movement and affect change in their communities by uniting people and groups are encouraged to get in touch with the movement to find out more.
InkuluFreeHeid recently launched the national OVOV campaign (visit website for more information aimed at deepening democracy in run up to 2014 election.  The OVOV campaign is a strictly non-partisan campaign aimed at increasing youth engagement and voter participation in the upcoming 2014 National General Elections (NGE).
The campaign has three basic tenets:

  • InkuluFreeHeid hosts South Africa's first political party policy comparison website. Parties represented have been invited to review content and policy material. People / organisations can get in touch if they want to help further develop or fund the development of the platform;
  • A national grassroots movement of community-led and owned solutions-orientated soapbox rallies that stimulate local level action and democratic engagement (for a more defined clear example visit: People and organisations are invited to get in touch with the OVOV campaign team about organising their own Soapbox Rally as part of the OVOV campaign to deepen democracy in run up to 2014 NGE;
  • An online documentary series featuring top political leaders, young leaders, leaders in entertainment, business, law and civil society, encouraging young South Africans to participate in the 2014 election, motivating for grassroots engagement outside of only electoral processes and sharing personal stories that relate to democracy and elections (here is an example short-clip featuring Prince Mangosutho Buthelezi - People and organisations are encouraged to send through video interviews featuring their leadership or key people encouraging young South Africans to vote as part of the OVOV campaign documentary - InkuluFreeHeid will publish as many videos received as possible on their various platforms. 

InkuluFreeHeid also co-founded the National Youth Engagement on the National Development Progress (NDP) (with Brightest Young Minds, the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit and YouthLab). The movement, which is now working in partnership with the Presidency and other stakeholders to disseminate information around the NDP. It will also work to galvanise national development commitments from youth-led or influenced organisations and develop South Africa’s first youth-orientated government policy implementation dashboard to hold government and business accountable to their own targets and draw attention to national development progress. Minister Trevor Manuel reference to National Youth Engagement in Presidency Budget Vote Speech in Parliament June 2013: “Two weeks ago, the Commission was invited to a meeting of young people representing a number of organisations. These young people expressed enthusiastic support for the NDP. They see it as something that the youth should be actively involved in shaping and implementing. They took it upon themselves to assist in making the long NDP document more accessible to young people. They also resolved to create a ‘dashboard’ to monitor implementation of youth related proposals in the plan and hold government and business accountable and to meet annually to track progress on implementation.

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