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Group Cycle Organisation is a registered, nonprofit organisation, established in 2010 by a group of people who saw the need to support the government in its endeavour to promote, improve and enhance the education system in South Africa.
Group Cycle Organisation was established to support schools and children that need help in terms of infrastructure and education quality enhancement. The project is intended to be a strong link between all those who are interested in supporting the enhancement of education in Africa and those in grave need for help.  
Group Cycle Organisation, has come up with a campaign entitled, “I Support Education Against Poverty”, aimed at supporting schools and children that need special assistance in-terms of infrastructure and special education requirements.
The reason for launching this campaign is, as we are all becoming aware of the current education situation, which is continuously coming to an alarming status in public schools, external intervention has become an imminent necessity.  Because even today, you find schools with no computers, libraries with no books that are up-to-date and relevant. Some schools have problems such as overcrowding, poor school infrastructure (poor sanitary conditions), collapsing ceilings etc., students having to walk long distances to get to school, and most of the children are unable to pursue their studies due to poverty. Special children are avoiding schools, due to humiliation from fellow students, non-availability of resources / resource personnel for special education requirements.
Young children need appropriate childcare and stimulation to thrive. Research has shown that quality protection, stimulation and learning opportunities provided at home by parents and caregivers or through early childhood development centres have a positive and long-lasting impact on a young child's ability to develop his/her full potential.
As an organisation founded to support education sector, the organisation aims to build a learning centre for children with learning difficulties, or special children as we call them, as one of our pilot projects.  This centre will be able to help children of Thokoza, by providing them with an understanding on how to write and read through specialised education techniques. At the centre, the organisation will be welcoming the children from all the primary schools in Thokoza, who are identified as special children. The centre will play a big role in children’s lives for their development and growth, where they will be guided through special education to cater for their specific requirements.
The organisation’s objective is to build a centre for learning, assisting the schools in the townships by providing special attention to the special children who struggle with their studies in the primary level. Through this intervention, the objectives are to capacitate and empower the children with skills that will help them to become better in their studies and their living environment.
When poverty strikes a family, the youngest members become its immediate victims. Since a good start in life is critical to the physical, intellectual and emotional development of every individual, poverty in early childhood can prove to be a handicap for life. Poverty denies children their rights to basic education, primary health care, adequate nutrition and safety.  Group Cycle Organisation wants to assist these children by opening up their minds so that they become better with their studies and achieve their place in the society with confidence.
Uneducated children are likely to pass poverty onto their next generation when they grow up, perpetuating the poverty cycle. Children with learning disabilities end up not going to school because of their peers who laugh at them due to their poor learning capabilities and low performance in exams. The organisation’s vision is to support the children who are not well gifted in their studies but working hard to achieve success, and to secure their rights for a better life in society. 
Group Cycle Organisation acknowledges that children are marginalised because of their very limited resources. They feel isolated and alienated most of the time by the general African society. They have learned to survive on their own as a result; they are closer to their immediate environment (this segment strongly feels that effort for their well being have not been successful). Their isolation makes them anxious about the present and they long for a better future through education, and all these experiences that they are facing create a goal for this campaign to strive and make sure that every child in Africa has the best education without boundaries and seeing every child obtaining equal education despite their differences or challenges faced. By focusing on creating a centre of learning for special children’s education, the organisation believed in setting an example of giving learners an early momentum in their lives and a foundation to achieve success through education. The organisation wants this to be a pilot project and a model for others to follow in every State and whole of Africa.
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