The Dan-Ag Care Centre

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The Dan-Ag Care Centre

The Dan-Ag Care Centre was registered as a nonprofit organisation in Cape Town on 19 June 2009 and began its work in December 2009.
The Dan-Ag Care Centre’s vision is to assist in reducing Homelessness from the bottom up in the southern suburbs (retreat / retreat station area), of Cape Town. Its objective is to to provide permanent accommodation for homeless adult/s and their child/ren known to have resided in the same area for a period of longer than a year, covered by the project.
Establish a care centre from which the following will be performed, monitored and evaluated on a monthly basis:

  • Provide basic care including clothing, food and programmes that will attempt to:
    • Build self-esteem, confidence(counsel / rehab);
    • Provide employment opportunities;
    • Assist in re-unification, re-integration in original communities or becoming self-reliant.               

At the moment the organisation does not have a centre from which to work; accordingly its operating style is:

  • To provide two meals a week to about 55 homeless people (including children and handicapped);
  • Provide basic needs such as clothing, blankets, and to listen, encourage and give advice;
  • Once the Dan-Ag Care Centre has acquired sufficient funds to build a bungalow, it will move the homeless people off the street and start them off with bedding, curtain, kitchen utensils, toiletries, and some groceries.

The aim of soup handouts is to identify individual needs and either direct them to services or assist where the organisation can.
Although there are shelters in most areas, these are unable to accommodate all homeless due to space and lack of resources. Because many do not have the necessary fee to spend a night at the shelter, they are turned away and hence remain on the street.
Some of them resort to street life due to the cost of housing, domestic violence, unemployment and other socio-economic problems.  Because of the length of time they spent living on the street, it is difficult for them to help themselves out of this cycle of poverty.
The aim of this project can reduce destruction of family life, increase upliftment of dignity and self-sustainability and a safer, healthier community.
The knowledge that there are homeless people who are terminally ill and have nowhere to convalesce, makes the need for establishing the care centre, even more urgent.
The organisation is privileged that it can help them in some way.  
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