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Donating books to under-resourced children’s organisations
A lot of children in South Africa do not have access to libraries and most of their parents cannot afford to buy books as they are already living below the poverty line. These children have never enjoyed the wonder and magic of a good book. Biblionef South Africa (SA) makes it possible for them to have access to books by donating appropriate and relevant South African books to children’s organisations like schools, day care centres, crèches and others with an educational focus.
Biblionef SA’s aim is to instil a love of reading at an early age. The organisation wants children to become readers - children with empathy for characters, kids with big vocabularies and imaginations, and children who can immerse themselves in another world with a book. To achieve this, they need to be exposed to books and stories. Books help with children’s literacy development, give access to information and education, and teach them to think for themselves – and make good decisions.
Biblionef’s vision is to create life-long readers who are good citizens, who can read and think for themselves, resulting in a society where everyone is literate; has access to education and finds reading both a great pleasure and a necessity.
Biblionef’s mission is to make books available for children (ages 3 to 18) in all official languages, for reading pleasure and for education and in this way, to lay the foundation for children to make good decisions through critical thinking, and live balanced and productive lives.
Achievements since 1998:

  • Donated one million+ new storybooks;
  • Benefited more than 6 500 children’s organisations;
  • Reached more than 3.2 million children;
  • Donates an average of 12 000 books per month;
  • Assisted 51 schools and communities with informal libraries - shelves, cupboards, containers and farm libraries;
  • Supports 21 schools for the visually impaired with Braille and Large Print book;
  • Commissioned the reprinting and publication of 83 book titles in eleven languages.

Biblionef has played a big role in sourcing funds to publish or reprint good books, in all of the country’s official languages and has been instrumental in having more than 100 titles published. Biblionef also purchases an enormous amount of good locally published books for our donation programme.
Biblionef SA is a nonprofit company (NPC) that operates according to the UNESCO’s Book Donation Charter. It is registered under Section 18A of the South African Income Tax Act and donations are tax deductible. Donors can earn points under the socio-economic development category of their BEE scorecard.
Biblionef places a strong emphasis on reading for pleasure, the organisation believes that children should have a sense of fun as they read. Biblionef strongly believes that children should have access to books in their mother tongue, containing African stories that they can relate to.
Biblionef SA is deeply committed to giving all children access to books. Without books, the doors of knowledge, freedom and progress will remain closed for many children and they will be excluded from the technological and social advances that have marked progress throughout the developed world.
Biblionef has the will to make a profound impact on the lives of children across South Africa - and with your help, we can do it!
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