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Ann Harding Cheshire Home

The Ann Harding Cheshire Home is a registered nonprofit organisation for the care, education, training and development of persons with physical disabilities of all races and religions.

The organisation’s inspiration is its 41 Residents. The people who, despite their physical disabilites maintain a sense of humour. Those Residents who, despite their physical limitations completed 5km in the 702 Walk the Talk this year. The Residents whose lives were changed in an instant, victims of crime, or motor vehicle accidents. The small percentage who have genetic illnesses, or those who were struck down in their prime with a debilitating illness. It could be any one of us. The majority of our Residents never thought they would find themselves living in a Home for the Physically Disabled.

The Ann Harding Cheshire Home was opened in 1976 in a house and land donated by the Council. The house, which is now the Charity Shop, was only large enough to house eight Residents, and even that was tight. Development of the surrounding land only took place much later, and in 1988 a building to house 40 Residents was opened.

The Home is named after the physically disabled mother of one Benjamin Charles Harding who originally donated property for the home which proved unsuitable for development. This property was sold, and the money used to develop the current land.

Primary Services

Ann Harding Cheshire Home provides its residents, all of whom live there permanently, with comfortable accommodation, 24-hour care, nutritious meals, laundry, access to in-house physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers as well as state clinics and hospitals and private practitioners using its own specially adapted vehicles.

The majority of its 40 residents have taken up permanent residence having suffered from, and becoming permanently disabled as a result of:

  • Motor vehicle accidents;
  • Violence and assault;
  • Strokes;
  • Degenerative diseases; and
  • Congenital disabilities.

A wide variety of daily activities keeps its Residents motivated and educated. The more popular ones are arts and crafts, painting, bingo, chess, card games and the favoured Friday afternoon Trivial Quiz.

The ogrnaisation’s vision to; build a sub-acute step-down facility for physically disabled adults, eight  - two bedroom, two bathroom - independent living units for persons with physical disabilities, s Skills Development Centre to cater for all three homes in Johannesburg, as well as the surrounding community, and 15 houses suitable for families with a physically disabled family member to be purchased on a life-rights basis.

In addition to applying for funding, Ann Harding also hold a number of fundraising events each year. These are always very successful and assist enormously with costs. The organisation also runs a very successful Charity Shop, which is well-supported by the local community. Long-term plans include building self-living units, which will be sold on a life-rights basis. The home has a hall which is hired out to companies for meetings, training courses, etc.

Ann Harding Cheshire Home has a committee of dedicated members who ensure exemplary ethics and code of conduct, and that any funds received are used for the intended purpose. Monthly reports detail the progress made in the utilisation of all donations, sponsorships and bequests made. Ann Harding Home is run like a business, with the care and advancement of its residents the first priority. The residents themselves have a significant say in the running of the home, through the Residents' committee, which is fully represented on the Home Management Committee. 

The Home is registered as a PBO, and can therefore offer Section 18a certificates for tax purposes.

For capital projects it offers naming rights, which bring the prestige of being associated with a long-standing non-governmental organisation in the community.

The organisation’s donors are proud to be associated with it, because of its good reputation and transparency. Ann Harding Cheshire Home is in good standing with the local media, schools and businesses in the community, and have the privilege of being supported by numerous volunteers from all walks of life.  It prefers to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver significant benefits to disabled people and the stakeholders of a business alike.

The best way to assess its services is to visit its Home, and it welcomes such visits. 

The Home is a warm, homely place, with beautiful gardens and a swimming pool. Common areas include lounges, tea areas, computer room, therapy room, dining area.  Above all, it is always cognisant of the fact that this is the residents’ home, and their comfort is foremost in its mind.

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