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One to One

1:1 (One to One) is an architecturally based nonprofit design collaborative that facilitates socio-technical spatial design solutions through critical engagement for those living in poor and unsafe residential conditions in South Africa.

One to One’s vision is to see people living in unsafe conditions having access to effective spatial design services that could enable them to step out of poverty.

One to One’s mission is to be conceived as a platform for spatial design academics, community initiatives and professionals to critically engage with, and co-develop contextual socio-technical solutions and methodologies for those living in poor and unsafe conditions in South Africa.

One to One was officially established in July 2012, but those involved have been working together since mid-2010, being founded as a student based organisation, finding its origins within its relationship between the students from the University of Pretoria and residents of Slovo Park, Nancefield in July 2010.
This relationship began as purely academic, but developed through critical engagement, with a well organised and motivated community group, into a co-built multi-use public hall.

From this crucial experience, 1:1 has evolved through its collaboration with various NGO’s, universities and community groups into its current form today.
One to One is currently working in the architectural field, but is constantly bringing in other critical disciplines into its scope.
One to One is in constant development of an additional mode of practice that extends the current role of spatial designs in South Africa. One to One does this through three services:

Socio-technical Spatial Design - socio-technical services include, participative social research; strategic planning; infrastructural and architectural structural design. The results are not limited a tangible product, but often a socially integrated strategy to unlock larger developmental possibilities.

Information Dissemination - One to One actively collects and disseminates key information and resources to promote the body of knowledge around socio-technical spatial design services and critical engagement in South Africa and abroad:

  • University course support;
  • On-line resources and tool kits;
  • Social informational organisational systems;
  • Multi-media initiatives (films, websites, social media platforms).

User Capacitation:
1:1 runs educational resource initiatives to better equip student and young spatial designers, as well as client and user training for key community members; 1:1 Student league, 1:1 internship programme, 1:1 community planner training (in development).

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