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CDRA Courses Brochure 2012

Through our learning programme we bring together those who believe that civil society has a critical role to play in the evolution of society. We aim, through our courses to contribute towards building a developmental practice that is effective in enhancing people’s capacity and resourcefulness and contributing to positive social change.

Our public courses are advertised below and are run at the CDRA venue in Woodstock, Cape Town. For the in-house option, CDRA offers a wider range of courses than those advertised below, as well as the ability to customise a course to fit the unique requirements of an organisation or group.
CDRA also offers courses in collaboration with others. For these events the venues and cost might differ, and will be clearly indicated in the course blurb.
Public Courses 2012

1. Social Change Innovations in the 21st century
Looking afresh at the real work of social change.
This 5-day workshop is aimed at unfreezing and unlocking our strategic thinking and stimulating new ideas around social change on the ground.  We will interrogate different theories of social change. We will help each other to rethink our own approaches and relationships and return home with fresh thinking, ideas and possibly some new allies and initiatives.

Monday 15 - 19 October                                      

Doug Reeler 

2. Writing for Development
An applied approach to writing for work
Internal documents, donor reports and writing for publication are all part of our organisational work requiring good thinking and writing skills. In this course, you will learn how to use the writing process to inform your thinking and understanding of your work; communicate thoughts and experiences to clients, donors and colleagues effectively; get your reports, articles or proposals actually written.

22 - 25 May and                                     
4 - 7 September
Sandra Hill

3. Making M & E Work
Moving from tired to inspired.
Monitoring and evaluation, beyond just keeping our projects and organisations accountable to donors, remains a critical challenge for many practitioners working in development. This course explores ways and methods that use M&E not just for ticking off boxes, but for real participatory and developmental learning and sense making within organisations, and between organisations and beneficiaries. Participants will leave with not only increased personal knowledge and skill, but a clear picture of the next step/s towards improving M&E processes within their own organisations.

Monday 12 - Friday 16 November                                

Rubert Van Blerk and Sue Soal

4. Short stories from the field
Applying fiction techniques to writing about work
Inspired by the age-old traditions of storytelling, this course will help you find the story in what you do and to craft it into compelling pieces of writing, drawing from the relatively new discipline of creative non-fiction.

Tuesday 24 - Friday 27 July                                             
Sandra Hill
5. Developmental Facilitation Course
‘bringing life to group processes’
Do you enjoy working with people and facilitating processes that enable and energise people in a workshop or meeting or training course?  This creative, lively and practical facilitation course allows one to explore and create, to learn and reflect, to lead and follow, to collaborate, to have fun and feel safe to take risks.

Monday 16 - Friday 20 April                                           
Shelley Arendse and Desiree Paulsen

6. Advanced Facilitation Course
‘working in the moment’
‘Does it feel like there’s an elephant in the room?’ Something needs to be expressed and the group is unable to share it. Have you ever felt stuck, or challenged, or at a loss and not meeting your group’s need when facilitating a group process? We invite those facilitators wanting to reflect on their practice, explore how to work with unfolding process that emerge expectantly, and share their interesting and challenging experiences.

Monday 11 - Friday 15 June                                            
Desiree Paulsen and Shelley Arendse

Collaborative Events

7. Paying Attention: A Course in Process (A Quella – CDRA collaboration)
 “… heard, half heard, in the stillness
Between two waves of the sea.” TS Eliot

This is a course for consultants and development practitioners who wish to work more directly and intentionally with social process, for those who know process requires more than a set of fixed formulae and methods … yet struggle to see it, and therefore to find more precisely what that is.
This course will offer opportunities to experience, see, conceptualise and make sense of social process itself. We see participants emerging out of the course with an enhanced practical, experiential and theoretical understanding of social process.

Wednesday 21 - Saturday 24 November         

Sue Soal and Liz Smith

NB. As the above course incorporates movement the venue will be Erin Hall, Rondebosch and cost of this course is R3,500.
Fees, accommodation and travel

  • All workshops to be run at the CDRA office in Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Local and national NGOs & CBOs pay R2 500; International NGOs/Government/Donors pay R5 000
  • Costs include workshop reading manuals, journals, all stationery, a light lunch and teas.

NB. Course fees and venues that are different to the above will be clearly indicated in the course blurb.
Accommodation in Cape Town
Our course co-ordinator, Linda Njambatwa, is able to refer participants who do not live in Cape Town, to local guest houses. Bookings and payment of travel and accommodation remain the responsibility of participants.
Application for courses for 2011
To request an application form, please contact: Linda Njambatwa ( With regard to in-house courses please also direct all your enquiries to Linda, who will gladly assist.

Telephone: +27 21 462 3902; Fax: +27 21 462 3918
Online application is also available on our website:

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