Call for Proposals: REPSSI Manuals and Publications Layout

Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 30 January, 2013
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

The Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) is a nonprofit that works to lessen the devastating social and emotional impact of HIV/AIDS, poverty and conflict among children and youth.

REPSSI seeks to appoint independent artists/consultants and/or companies to layout its manuals, guidelines, posters, brochures and other materials in the period February to July 2013.

The supplier is required to be innovative, efficient, reliable and able to build on as well as adhere to the REPSSI Branding Guidelines and Style Sheet with regard to the REPSSI ‘look and feel’, colours, branding, etc.

Work flow

The work flow for the layout process is as outlined below:-

  • Copy edited manuscript plus illustrations and photographs, as appropriate, are sent to the service provider for layout by REPSSI contact person;
  • Service provider lays out manuscript and sends to REPSSI contact person for review;
  • REPSSI contact person either approves as ‘camera ready’ template or returns to service provider for corrections; and
  • The service provider corrects and returns to REPSSI contact person. Further corrections may be necessary and the service provider must be prepared to do these to REPSSI’s satisfaction (until the REPSSI contact person signs off the manuscript as ‘camera ready’), after which the service provider shall invoice REPSSI for the work done.


The service provider is expected to assign all rights and title to REPSSI for all materials, information, inventions or other work product generated by them in the course and scope of performing services for REPSSI and will transfer or hand these over to REPSSI including the following for each job/project:

  • A web-sized PDF of the camera ready template which shall be e-mailed to REPSSI;
  • A print sized PDF of the camera ready template - in duplicate - which will be physically handed over to REPSSI;
  • The electronic (editable) design file for the design work, in one of the following file formats: Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign;
  • All illustrations, photographs, logos and graphics that appear in the publication - in duplicate – which will be physically handed over to REPSSI; and
  • The latest (before layout) word version of the ‘manuscript’. 

Responding suppliers must be in compliance with all applicable laws regarding business permits and licenses that may be required to carry out the work in accordance with this bid. They should not be party to any agreement that would restrict their ability to enter into a working agreement with REPSSI, nor should they require consent of another person or entity to perform REPSSI work. Responding suppliers must be able to work fluently in English.
Quotations Request
Suppliers are requested to supply a quote that includes:

  • A per A4 ‘text only’ page rate (which should include the design concept fee);
  • A per A4 ‘text plus table’ rate (which should include the design concept fee);
  • A per A4 ‘text plus provided illustration’ rate (which should include the design concept fee);
  • Cost per hour for revisions highlighting, including; any free hours the supplier will provide for initial corrections built into their per page rate, and charge per hour thereafter until content has been finalised  and manuscript is signed-off by the REPSSI contact person as ‘camera ready; and
  • Cost for front cover design.

Selection process
In appointing the supplier REPSSI will take into consideration:

  • Samples of previous work (suppliers may send samples to REPSSI in hardcopy or print to support their quotation); and
  • Cost.

Inquiries: REPSSI Communications Department, Tel: +27 11 998 5820, E-mail: or
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