SA Society of Physiotherapy
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Friday, 3 December, 2021
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

The South African Society of Physiotherapy (hereinafter called the SASP) intends to contract a Service Provider for CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR THE PROVISION OF ICT SUPPORT SERVICES; which will provide the SASP with an integrated service that allows us to focus on our core business, by architecting and supporting a complete business service solution with the single point of responsibility and accountability resting with the appointed service provider.

Our Current Vital Statistics are as follows;

  • Physical Offices: HO (Bedfordview, Germiston) + 4 provincial offices(plus 4 remote located (WFH) Provincial Staff)
  • Number of Staff/Users – 13 HO + 9 Provincial
  • Number of Office 365 email boxes - 175
  • Number/Description of Equipment – 13 (HO) + 4 Laptops (Provincial Offices)
  • Telephony Services – 14 (HO) + 9 (Provincial offices) units
  • Cloud Hosting – 35 hosted users
  • Current Licences – 88 MS VM mailbox licence – Firewall Blade for Server – IP SEC HO – 21 x IP SEC Users
  • Other ISP fibre line – Telephone cloud hosting – Microwave Pastel Link – Business broadband fire line (30mb/30mb failover) – Provincial LTE x 7, HO LTE x2 – LTE fixed (HO) for Telephone

High Level Scope of Work for the Required Services
1) Server Management

  • Hardware and software support and maintenance.
  • System monitoring and general housekeeping.
  • Storage and capacity planning.
  • Backup and recovery.
  • Disaster recovery planning and execution.
  • 3rd party vendor management on faults.
  • Component replacement on failure.
  • License management.
  • Reporting.

2) Cloud Services

  • Management, administration, maintenance, and support of cloud services.
  • Reporting

3)  Network Management

  • Network hardware and software support and maintenance.
  • Network security management.
  • LAN and WAN administration.
  • Network installations, de-installations, and upgrades.
  • Reporting.

4) Corporate Unified Messaging

  • Management, administration, maintenance, and support of office 365 environment.
  • Office based plus mobile device synchronization and support where required.
  • License management.
  • Reporting.

5)  VoIP Telephony System Services

  • Management, administration, maintenance, and support of VoIP telephony system across HO and Provincial offices.
  •  Reporting.

6) Printing and Scanning Services

  • Management, administration, and support of Printer and Scanning system.
  • Reporting.

7) SLA Daily Support

  • Weekly Maintenance / Support
  • Monthly Maintenance / Support

8) Data Storage Service

  • Offsite Secure Data Storage
  • Online Secure Data Storage
  • Data Archival Service

 Instructions to Service Providers
1.  Introduction
1.1 Only eligible Service Providers may submit a Proposal for the services required. The proposal shall be the basis for contract negotiations and ultimately for a signed contract with the selected Service Provider.
1.2 Shortlisted Service Providers should familiarize themselves with local conditions and take them into account in preparing the proposal. Service Providers will be required to make a presentation to the Presidential Executive Committee of the SASP before a final decision is made. The presentation will most likely be online, via any of the existing meeting platforms.
1.3 The Service Provider’s costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the contract, including visit/s to the SASP, are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment.
1.4 Service Providers shall not be hired for any assignment that would be in conflict with their prior or current obligations to other procuring entities, or that may place them in a position of not being able to carry out the assignment in the best interest of the SASP.
1.5 The SASP is not bound to accept any proposal and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the Service Provider.
1.6  SASP shall provide at no cost to the Service Provider the necessary inputs and facilities and assist the appointed Service Provider in obtaining licenses and permits needed to carry out the services and make available relevant data and reports.
2.   Corrupt, Fraudulent Collusive, and Coercive Practices
2.1 SASP Policy requires that all SASP staff, bidders, manufacturers, suppliers, or distributors, observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of all contracts. The SASP shall reject any proposal put forward by bidders, or where applicable, terminate their contract, if it is determined that they have engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, or coercive practices.
2.2 In pursuance of this policy, The SASP defines for the purposes of this paragraph the terms set forth below as follows:
2.2.1 Corrupt practice means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting, directly or indirectly, of anything of value to influence the action of the Procuring/Contracting Entity in the procurement process or in contract execution.
2.2.2 Fraudulent practice is any act or omission, including a misrepresentation, that knowingly or recklessly misleads, or attempts to mislead in the procurement process or the execution of a contract, to achieve a financial gain or other benefit or to avoid an obligation.
2.2.3 Collusive practice is an undisclosed arrangement between two or more bidders designed to artificially alter the results of the tender procedure to achieve a financial gain or other benefit.
2.2.4 Coercive practice is impairing or harming, or threatening to impair or harm, directly or indirectly, any staff, executive or participant in the selection process to improperly influence activities in a procurement process or affect the execution of a contract.
3. Clarifications and Amendments to Request for Proposal (RFP) Documents
3.1 At any time before the submission of the proposals, SASP may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification amend the RFP. Any amendment made will be made available to all short-listed Service Providers/ Consulting Firms who have acknowledged the Letter of Invitation, ad shown their interest in bidding for this work
3.2 Service Providers may request for clarification(s) on any part of the RFP. The request must be sent in writing or by standard electronic means and submitted to SASP at the address indicated in the invitation at least two (2) calendar days before the set deadline for the submission and receipt of Proposals. SASP will respond in writing or by standard electronic means to such request and this will be made available to all those who acknowledged the RFP without identifying the source of the inquiry. 

4.   Preparation of the Proposal
4.1 A Service Provider Proposal shall contain two (2) components:
         4.1.1 The Technical Proposal – Can you deliver on the Specifications Outlined?
         4.1.2 The Financial Proposal – How much will the above cost?
4.2 The Proposal, and all related correspondence exchanged by the Service Providers and the SASP, shall be in English.
4.3 The Service Providers are expected to examine in detail the documents constituting this RFP. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested may result in rejection of the proposal
5. Technical part of the Proposal

  1. When preparing the Technical Proposal, Service Providers must give particular attention to the following:

    1. It is desirable that the majority of the key professional staff proposed is permanent employees of the firm or have an extended and stable working relationship with it.

    2. Proposed professional staff must, at a minimum, have the experience of at least 3 years, preferably working under conditions similar to those prevailing in the country of the assignment.

    3. Consultants Profile - A statement of the experience of the consultant in relation to contracts of this type including the year(s) in which they were undertaken, trade references and any previous or present contracts

6. Financial part of the Proposal
6.1 Service Providers/ Consulting Firms shall express the price of their services in South African Rand – ZAR per calender month or per annum
6.2 The Financial Proposal shall be valid for 60 calendar days. SASP will make its best effort to complete negotiations and determine the award within the validity period. If SASP requests an extension to the validity period of the proposal, the Service Provider has the right to not grant such.
7. Submission, Receipt, and Opening of Proposals 
7.1 Service Providers may only submit one proposal. If a Service Provider submits or participates in more than one proposal, such proposals shall be disqualified. 
7.2 The original Proposal (both Technical and Financial Proposals) shall be prepared in indelible ink. It shall contain no overwriting, except as necessary to correct errors made by the Service Providers themselves. Any such corrections or overwriting must be initialled by the person(s) who signed the Proposal. 
7.3 The Service Providers shall submit one original Proposal
8. Award of Contract 
8.1 The contract shall be awarded, through a notice of award, following negotiations and subsequent post-qualification to the Service Provider with the Highest Rated Proposal. Thereafter, the SASP shall promptly notify all other Service Providers on the shortlist that they were unsuccessful.
8.2 Shortlisted bidders will be expected to make a formal presentation to the SASP Presidential Executive Committee (PEC), before a final decision is taken.
8.3 The SASP reserves the right not to proceed with this process; and will not be held liable for any costs associated with preparation as well as submission to this bidding process.
8.4 All Request for Proposals must be sent to the Operations Manager; at; not later than the 3rd  December 2021. NO late applications will be accepted.
8.5 The Service Provider is expected to commence the assignment as early as  1st February 2022.
9.  Confidentiality
Information relating to the evaluation of proposals and results concerning any awarding of the bid, shall not be disclosed to any other persons not officially concerned with the process. The undue use by any Service Provider of confidential information related to the process may result in the rejection of its Proposal

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