ACT Ubumbano:Call for Proposals to Document our Learning and Innovation

ACT Ubumbano
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Tuesday, 23 March, 2021
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

At the core of ACT Ubumbano is the creation and safeguarding of a space for reflection on social justice and development practice that draws on inclusive methodologies that give priority to the voice of those most affected by injustice, that are rooted in challenging dominant power narratives, and that lead to transformative actions and programmes.

ACT Ubumbano invites critical thinkers and writers, activists and consultants, and organisations and institutions of faith to help us in ‘Documenting our Learning’ by submitting proposals for capturing learning and insight generated through our collaborative and critical reflection work, and our support for social justice work.

ACT Ubumbano is a space for critical reflection on our social justice practice, and a platform for solidarity action and connection among communities, activists, and organisations seeking to defend the dignity of humanity and of the earth.

Invitation for Creative Capturing of Learning
We are looking for proposals that are creative and innovative, that focus on creating learning resources that will support community organising, deepen conversations and practices that challenge prevailing power dynamics within the civil society and faith sectors – and society in general, and that provide meaningful support to communities who are engaged in resistance against injustice.

We seek to generate publications (audio, visual, print) that capture insights and innovations on social justice practice, and on organisational models and ways of working that go beyond the norm in challenging power dynamics. A deeper understanding of how these approaches and practices help achieve social change can assist organisations and activists to reflect on their own work, and hopefully lead to stronger solidarity action against structural injustice.

We also invite proposals for two specific and separate pieces of work:

1. Outcomes Harvesting / Impact Assessment
An outcome is defined very simply as something that someone else has done differently, how another person’s / organisation’s behaviour or relationships changed because of what we have done.
We invite proposals to build on the initial work done in documenting the impact of ACT Ubumbano’s work in convening spaces for reflection on our practice and supporting the solidarity actions that emerge from those spaces.
The terms of reference can be found here 

2. Documenting and Learning from the Evolution of ACT Ubumbano
A possible foundational document that speaks to and (re) defines the approach of Ubumbano, and its use of the see/judge/act methodology to write up a learning tool on the experimental aspect of ACT Ubumbano’s solidarity in practice and related methodologies.

This should include both the positive dimensions and where there were failures or limitations, and how we learnt from such limitations and adjusted our approach accordingly. Such a process could conceivably produce something similar to our “Inequality and the struggle for humanity” publication and will serve as a tool for social justice actors.

This work will focus on the concept of ACT Ubumbano as a space of solidarity, drawing in the wider network of voices from a range of community struggles with which ACT Ubumbano engages.
The terms of reference can be found here.

Submission of Proposals
Critical thinkers and writers, activists and consultants, and organisations and institutions of faith will submit concise proposals that outline their suitability for and interest in this work, and demonstrate their commitment to knowledge and learning that challenges conventional approaches to knowledge production. Creative collaborations and partnerships to undertake the work are encouraged, and proposals with innovative methodologies will be welcomed.

In brief, interested parties should submit a concept note of no more than 3 pages outlining their suitability for and interest in this work. Evidence of experience in similar work can be attached. Please provide an estimate of time and cost for the assignment. Proposals, queries and conversations can be addressed to Ashley Green-Thompson at

For the 2 specific, separate assignments (Outcomes Harvesting & Documenting our Learning), the normal competitive selection process will be followed by ACT Ubumbano. The deadline for submission of proposals is 16h00 on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

For any proposals for new and innovative work, we will invite a conversation to explore what is possible and how we can collaborate in the production of this new knowledge.

Ethical considerations
The consultant will be expected to comply with basic ethical guidelines, particularly regarding ‘doing no harm’, and levels of confidentiality on the findings of the research will be agreed.

This work is framed by the three pillars of Economic Justice, Environmental Justice and Climate Change, and Gender Justice and Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights.
ACT Ubumbano is governed by an independent Board, and is supported by an Advisory Group comprising organisations that initiated this collaboration, and that continue to provide strategic input as we make our path.

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