IFRC: Senior National Society Development Officer

Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 27 January, 2021
Opportunity type: 
Job Title Senior National Society Development Officer
Classification Level/duration TBC
Organizational Unit / Duty Station Zimbabwe
Immediate Supervisor’s Title NSD Delegate, IFRC Southern Africa Cluster
Technical Manager’s Title Regional Head of NSD & PSK 
Number of Direct Reports N/A
Number of Indirect Reports N/A

Organizational context (where the job is located in the Organization)

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest volunteer-based humanitarian network. IFRC is a membership organisation comprised of its member National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Along with National Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the IFRC is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. IFRC’s headquarters is in Geneva, with regional and country offices throughout the world.

The Secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is organized into four Business groups in Geneva and five Business Groups in the field, namely the Zone Offices for Africa, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The Africa region Business Group is organized through Cluster Offices covering the National Societies in Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, West Coast, Sahel and Central Africa as well as country representations in Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of South Sudan, Niger, Somalia.

The southern Africa Cluster Office, based in Pretoria, South Africa, covers 10 countries and the region faces three main challenges. Firstly, a capacity challenge, as several National Societies have just undergone transitions of leadership, structure, and strategic direction. Secondly, coordination challenges as there are several Movement Partners in the region, but their portfolios are only loosely linked and would achieve more if unified. And thirdly, emergency response challenges, as parts of the region are prone to flooding, drought, and civil unrest.

Job purpose:

The Southern Africa Cluster Office has a strong ambition to support NS’ in performing their auxiliary role effectively and becoming leading national humanitarian organization in their countries, resulting to becoming the partner of choice by other international bodies as well as local bodies. Due to the many challenges and needs for tailormade support demanded by the NSs within the cluster, we have resulted to increase NSD personnel to held give quicker support to the NSs. The Senior NSD Officer will support and contribute to implementing the Building Strong National Societies goals of strategy 2030 by maintaining and strengthening IFRC knowledge and systems to facilitate high quality National Society development support. The Senior NSD Officer will also support Zimbabwe Red Cross primarily and other NSs within the Cluster with NSD efforts to ensure growth in leadership, management, and related organisational development and sustainability systems. The support to other NSs within the Cluster will be given in consultation and guidance from the Cluster NSD Delegate.

Job duties and responsibilities

 Based in Harare, Zimbabwe with travels within the country and other NSs without the Cluster; the senior NSD Officer in ensuring high quality NSD support will: -

  • Maintain good working relationships and ensure timely two - way communication with the colleagues managing National Societies/organisational development and the movement partners operating in Zimbabwe and other NSs within the cluster.
  • Work with NSs colleagues and movement partners individually and collectively to ensure a coherent NS development offer in line with the 2013 NS development Framework.
  • Be focal point for National Society statutes revision process, liaising with the Joint Statutes Commission as appropriate in the National Societies.
  • Play advisory role and support from a strategic, representative Coordination and Capacity building of Zimbabwe Red Cross and other NSs membership, volunteers, and the leadership of NSs.
  • Be focal point for the revision of the Strategic plan of the NS aligning it with IFRC Strategy 2030.
  • Be the focal point for financial sustainability and risk management framework of the  National Societies.
  • Be the focal point for the Capacity Building Funds (seed grant, CBF, Empress Shoken, NSIA, DREF, EPOA etc) from IFRC, liaising with the cluster office team as appropriate.
  • Be country focal point for leadership development initiatives, liaising with the Cluster NSD delegate as appropriate.
  • Be the Country focal point for Youth & Volunteer management and development in liaison with Cluster and Regional office.

Work with IFRC functional departments to ensure high quality support to National Societies.

  • Maintain good working relationships and ensure timely two-way communication with other Cluster Office colleagues overseeing functional programmatic support to two National Societies.

Support other Movement actors and other interested actors to ensure high quality NSD support to the National Society.

  • Maintain good working relationships and ensure timely two-way communication with other Movement actors/partners (ICRC & PNSs in country) overseeing programmatic and functional support.
  • Work with these colleagues individually and collectively to ensure a coherent IFRC NS development in line with the 2013 NS development Framework.

Maintain, develop, and share relevant learning related to National Society development

  • Maintain up to date personal expertise in at least three specialist areas (legal frameworks, resource mobilization, volunteer management, youth development, sustainability of NSs`, gender and diversity, branch development, governance, and leadership. etc.) of National Society development.
  • Lead processes to expand and share NSD knowledge through development of research, case studies, training, etc. and identify, document, and validate relevant knowledge and learning and making it available to the NSs and its Movement partners. Collect, document, and validate outcomes and learnings of individual support interventions and aggregate the data and findings to higher levels.
  • Collate relevant data through, FDRS and other existing data collection systems and analyse and interpret key patterns and systemic organisational weaknesses, to better focus the secretariat’s support to National Society development.
  • Assure quality of new IFRC and other tools, and their alignment with the 2013 National Society Development Framework

Provide surge OD expertise to support field colleagues when required.

  • In coordination with Cluster and Country colleagues, be available to carry out missions to other NSs to support / complement Cluster and Regional strategies

Contribute to an effective, high quality global NS development team:

  • Be accountable to your team manager by providing progress reports on results against objectives, and risk analysis.
  • Be flexible in your work definition according to needs and targets, and work to improve team efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Be a pro-active team member fostering a customer service-oriented culture, critical thinking and continuous improvement, innovation, high performance, and cost effectiveness.
  • Foster a supportive and mutually respectful environment with colleagues in the Secretariat, Regions and National Societies.

Representational responsibilities

  • Represent the Country office in high level meetings in the absence of the Cluster NSD Delegate
  • Take on additional tasks as required by the Cluster NSD Delegate (Coordination, following up on SMCC, Office management)
  • Support in resource Mobilization for the two Lusophone NSs and IFRC Country Cluster office
  • Be the focal person for NSD in the Zimbabwe Country office.

Duties applicable to all staff

1. Actively work towards the achievement of the Federation Secretariat’s goals
2. Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles
3. Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager

Position Requirements

Education Required Preferred
Relevant University degree X  
Experience Required Preferred
5 years of experience in organisational development/international development/Red Cross movement. X  
Experience of working for the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement X  
Proven credibility in relation to organisational and leadership development and capacity enhancement, change management, and related aspects  X  
Knowledge and Skills Required Preferred
Self-supporting in computers (word processing, spreadsheets etc.) X  
Analytical decision-making capacity X  
Able to undertake strategic thinking and translate this into practice X  
Able to work with due sensitivity in a multi-cultural environment and virtual or/and dispersed teams X  
Strong written and oral communication skills X  
Able to build partnerships and network effectively and to influence and inspire others including the membership, governments, other agencies, and own peers, staff, and partners X  
Focused on quality and standards, results, accountability, and Sustainability X  
Teamwork and trust-building for inclusive National Society relations  X  
Proactive and demand-driven approach to finding creative and constructive solutions to difficult issues X  
Technical expertise in at least two areas of non-profit management and development, which could include (but not be limited to): Governance and leadership development, strategy, membership development, volunteering development, branch development, youth organisation development, financial systems development, volunteer programme design, relationship development, fundraising systems development X  
Languages Required Preferred
Fluently spoken and written English X  
Other languages:    
Competencies (to be filled in by HR)    
Good Judgement and Decision Making
National Society Relations & Capacity to Build Trust
Teamwork & collaboration
Creativity and Innovation;
  • Closing date: 27 January 2021
  • Applicant who are interested, kindly forward your CV and motivational letter to francinah.mokholwane@ifrc.org
  • Duration of the contract: 12 months with possible extension

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