DWF:Call for Proposals: External Audit of Democracy Works Foundation (DWF)

Democracy Works Foundation
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Friday, 19 February, 2021
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) strengthens Resilient Democracy in Southern Africa. Resilient Democracy is inclusive, equitable, and sustainable consensus democracy. We strengthen resilient democracy through 5 programmatic areas of work: monitoring democracy, strengthening institutions and systems, training democrats and leaders, strengthening democratic culture and we work on governance and climate change. 

Democracy Works Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to grow Resilient Democracies in several countries in the SADC region, including South Africa. We do this by working:

  • with political parties across 7 countries to improve their effectiveness to serve citizens and design effective policies on energy and water management;
  • with young civil society leaders to grow their democracy leadership and organisational skills;
  • with civil society organisations (CSOs) and Provincial Legislatures to improve the ability of CSOs to improve the lives of their communities;
  • to strengthen accountability and the rule of law;
  • on COVID-19 relief and democratic processes in countries under states of emergency;
  • on the interface between climate change and democratic processes and resilience.

1.  Scope of Assignment

  • Perform statutory audits as required by South African law and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Plan and organise the audit, based on risk assessment, to provide satisfactory assurance that the financial statements are free of misstatement due to fraud and errors.
  • Ascertain that multi donor funds received by the organization have been applied for the intended purpose and have been accounted for in accordance with funding agreement.
  • Verify that funds received by DWF, have been acknowledged and reflected in the financial reports/statements submitted to the users/donors.
  • Review and report on effectiveness of the organisations internal control systems in accordance with the International Auditing standards.
  • Review and report on the effectiveness of the finance system, human resource management, procurement system as well as the funding structure.
  • Specifically Conduct Expenditure Verification of European Union (EU) & USAID Funded Projects.

2.  Qualifications of the Firm:
The audit firm MUST meet the following  qualifications;

  • Demonstrate that the firm holds the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform its responsibilities with due professional care.
  • Audit firm and staff must be independent of DWF staff and board of directors
  • Audit firm has undertaken similar assignments before

3.  Eligibility 
3.1 Selection Criteria
Firms seeking to apply should be registered in South Africa and must have been in operation at least for the last 10 years.  Additionally, the firm must demonstrate experience in the audit of not for profit entities and organisations with similar registration to DWF.
The following information should be provided:

  • Certificate of incorporation/registration
  • VAT Certificate
  • Tax compliance certificate
  • USAID specific audit experience
  • EU Expenditure Verification experience
  • B-BBEE Compliance Certificate
  • List of at least three clients of similar non-profit organizations served by your firm. The firm will be required to provide at least two recommendation letters from the past audited Not for Profit clients.

3.2 Capability

  • Provide a brief about the firm. This must include a profile on past work done for clients within the same sector as DWF and specific experience of EU & USAID project audits. 
  • Provide a profile of the audit services team likely to be involved in the audit process. 

3.3 Methodology
The firm should state the methodology/approach of conducting the audits. Upon selection, the firm will be expected to provide a letter of engagement which will also highlight the basis of the auditor’s work.
4.  Proposed Fees
The firm should provide a quote for the provision of audit services as highlighted above. This should include projected fees for the subsequent two years.

All proposals become the property of DWF and will become part of the requester’s files without obligation.  DWF reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted.

Please submit proposals to recruitment@democracyworksfoundation.org with the subject line: External Audit of DWF

For more about Democracy Works Foundation, refer to www.democracyworks.org.za

For other vacancies in the NGO sector, refer to www.ngopulse.org/vacancies


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