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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Sunday, 24 January, 2021
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HISP (Health information Systems Program) is a global network of people, entities and organisations that design, implement and sustain Health Information Systems. As a network, HISP globally follows a participatory approach to support local management of healthcare delivery and information flows, and was established by the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.

HISP seeks to appoint a Human Resources Coordinator to be based in South Africa.

This management position is responsible for leading and overseeing the Human Resource functions and processes as a Human Resource Generalist. The position will function as part of the organisation’s middle management team and assume accountability and responsibility for the organisation’s human resources management function with special reference to the implementation of human resources strategies to support business and human resources needs.

The position is a 5-year fixed term with employment benefits that include pension and medical aid contributions, 21 days annual leave plus study leave and financial assistance for formal studies. This position is on a D1 salary pay grade.

Scope of work:
• Support Human Resources led activities to develop and maintain the HISP Strategy
• Actively sustain HISP culture in accordance with HISP values and HISP Typical Behaviours
• Develop and implement HISP’s Talent Management strategy to build capacity, competencies and skills fit for HISP
• Monitor and build HISP’s Skills Development plan including the leadership pipeline and gap analysis for skills required in the business
• Support the organisation with innovation solutions within the HR value chain
• Manage performance management processes with accurate reporting and recording
• Develop, maintain and drive the wellness strategy ensuring people centric solutions
• Implement HR financial costing and management
• Manage financial delegations responsibly while behaving ethically and showing good governance in compliance with HISP policy and procedures
• Actively contribute to HISP financial stability
• Ensure that Staff Compensation processes are facilitated and coordinated (job evaluation, pay structure, salaries, bonusses), including:
- Compensation and Benefits
- Remuneration
- Job evaluation
- Job profiling
- Rewards
- Payroll
- Ensuring that HISP-SA’s grading and remuneration is fair and competitive
- Ensuring that all positions have relevant and graded job descriptions.
• Maintain good governance of all aspects of the Human Resources Unit, in compliance with King IV Codes, specifically managing risks and establishing and enforcing best practice processes in the Human Resources unit.
• Support HISP’s BBBEE objectives in implementing the BBBEE strategy and plan, Recruitment, Preferential Procurement and EE planning
• Direct, ensure and monitor the process of developing accurate system documentation to define system architecture, processes as part of system documentation, including:
- Updating data systems
- Accurate reporting
- Accurate, professional data analysis
• Ensure that the HR function is administered in alignment with relevant legislation Governance and Legal, including:
- HR Admin
- HR Compliance
- Employee Relations
- Contracts
- Policies
- Legislation
- Audits
• Manage HR delegations responsibly while behaving ethically and showing good governance in compliance with HISP policy and procedures
• Update and review policies as and when necessary, addressing changes in the legislative landscape and changing needs of HISP
• Establish performance metrics for Human Resources Team Subordinates, aligned with appropriate Corporate Governance KPAs
• Identify areas for internal staff improvement and develop plans for implementation of improvement activities.
• Lead the Human Resources Team to actively develop and maintain strong networks that advance HISP strategic objectives
• Build Human Resources partnerships that extend the capabilities needed to implement HISP’s strategy
• Develop, maintain stakeholder relationships with staff
• Create accessibility in the approach and response to people needs
• Implement and support HR technology and systems
- Payroll/Systems Management
- REM Master HR Management
- Data driven reporting
- HR systems improvements
- Performance Management systems integration
- Learner database
• Implement the HISP-SA Talent Strategy in line with the HISP strategy by focusing on
- Talent Sourcing
- Attraction
- Retention
• Manage and monitor the Performance management system in terms of:
- Performance Assessments
- Performance Bonuses
- Job grading
- Position reclassification
• Develop and implement a Succession Planning program
- Succession and Knowledge Transfer Plans
- Coaching/Mentorship

Facility Management:
• Manage the HISP Pretoria Office in such a way that it meets all the standards required to provide for a safe environment conducive for staff to deliver professional services through the following key performance areas:
- Effective and efficient optimisation of office spaces
- Inspect, identify and facilitate repairs and maintenance of the facility and its gardens
- Monitor daily cleaning
- Statutory compliance of the environment in terms of Occupational Health and Safety
- Office Security Management

Job Requirements:
• 3-year degree in HRM or related degree
• Leadership qualification NQF level 7 and above


  • At least 5 years middle management level experience with the management of a team.

Submit your CV with a cover letter and a self-assessment matrix based on the key responsibilities of the position to vacancies@hisp.org

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