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Lily of the Valley Children's Village
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Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
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Lily of the Valley provides holistic care for children and youth who have been marginalised through HIV and AIDS and a broken society.

Lily of the Valley Children's Village seeks to appoint a Social Worker to be based in Durban.
To work purposefully within the child care team towards meeting the developmental and therapeutic needs of each child and his/her family, with the goal being to reunify young people with family and/or community in the shortest time possible.
The social worker manages the case, providing the psycho-social assessment and therapeutic counselling required, guiding the child care team and liaising with the placing agency.
Line of  Authority: 

  • Accountable to the Management Committee.
  • Directly accountable to the General Manager.
  • Accountable to the child care team for the rendering of professional services.

Standards of Perfomance:

  • The Children’s Act, regulations and norms and standards as related to child and youth care centres.
  • National Policy as it relates to the field of Child and Youth Care.
  • Policy and procedures as they relate to the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre.                                   
  • Relevant trends in the field of Child and Family Welfare.

Controls and Measures of perfomance:

  • Supervision
  • Authorized Consultation
  • Annual Appraisal

Please note that this job description is dynamic.  It will constantly change to meet the needs of the programme.

  • Services to young people and families
  • Develop IDP’s
  • Receive and screen applications for admission
  • Lead the admissions process
  • Provide young people with individual counselling
  • Provide trauma counselling and debriefing as required
  • Facilitate identified therapeutic group work
  • Design and implement protective behaviours group discussions
  • Facilitate adoption processes
  • Monitor the orientation and disengagement processes of young people
  • Provide effective aftercare services once young people have left the programme
  • Coordinate weekend and holiday placements
  • Facilitate weekly case discussions with each unit
  • Screen applications for hosting and foster care and refer where necessary

Developmental assessment:

  • Ensure that every young person admitted has a valid care plan
  • Coordinate the developmental assessment process by establishing and maintaining clear expectations from the child care team
  • Coordinate and lead regular case reviews
  • Gather the information required and develop an Individual Developmental Plan for each young person, making the necessary adjustments after each case review
  • Guide and monitor the child care team’s implementation of the young person’s Individual Developmental Plan
  • Ensure full participation by the young person and family in the assessment process and subsequent review processes

Liaise with other service providers:

  • Liaise directly with the agency social worker on all matters relating to the young person and family
  • Liaise with schools on critical issues which may jeopardise the young person’s education
  • Share information gathered from the agency social worker on the present circumstances of the family with the child care team
  • Make referrals for host/foster care placements
  • Make referrals for specific assessment/therapy as identified by the developmental process
  • Monitor progress in terms of referral for therapeutic interventions, sourcing feedback reports and using this feedback to inform the Individual Development Plan
  • Secure services required by the young person in terms of holistic development

Liaise with families of young people:

  • Ensure that families participate where possible in all decisions which affect their child
  • Provide family with information on the young person’s participation within the programme
  • Facilitate family group conferencing when required
  • Conduct home visits as required


  • Ensure that the Department of Social Development requirements for subsidy claims are submitted timeously
  • Ensure that the Department of Social Development requirements for compliance are submitted timeously
  • Complete all statutory reports timeously
  • Attend all official meetings called by the Department
  • Create and maintain an individual personal file for all young people as required by the Department
  • Keep all registers related to the child care programme as required
  • Prepare a monthly report for the Management Committee on services provided to young people

Statutory requirements:

  • Ensure that the Rights of Children and family are upheld by the programme at all times
  • Investigate any allegation of use of prohibited behaviour measures
  • Report incidents of any use of prohibited behaviour measure to the General Manager
  • Report any reportable incident to the General Manager
  • Prepare reports on all critical incidents as required
  • Keep recordings of all interventions with young people
  • Keep minutes of all meetings with the child care team

Supervision of student social work placements:

  • Develop and maintain formal agreements with educational institutions referring social work students for practical placement
  • Inform the team of the requirements of the student social workers placement and their role in the monitoring and evaluation of the placement
  • Design and implement an orientation programme for social work students
  • Provide social work students with regular supervision
  • Provide the placing educational institution with progress reports on the students as set out in the formal agreement
  • Facilitate the evaluation of the student social workers practical placement

Volunteer programme:

  • Together with the child care team identify areas within the programme which require support from volunteers
  • Screen all applications for volunteering, including; interviewing, reference checking and clearance
  • Provide orientation to prospective volunteers
  • Maintain relationship with volunteers
  • Coordinate an annual event/activity to thank volunteers for their service
  • Maintain volunteer records and keep updated


  • Social Work Degree

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