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Beyond Zero (BZ)
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Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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Call for proposals


RFP 022/ICT/BZ/2020

You are hereby invited to submit proposal / price quotation for:
RFP Number: RFP 022/ICT/BZ/2020
Advertisement Date: 27 November 2020
Closing Date: 15 December 2020
Closing Time: 11:00
Bid Document Delivery Address: 110 Moore Street
Bid Document Delivery Email Address:
For Attention: Mr. M. Tsholetsane
Contact details 043 704 5400
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Beyond Zero (BZ) has been successfully implementing comprehensive services across the HIV and TB care continuum in the Eastern Cape (EC), KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Limpopo Provinces for the past 17 years, targeting key and vulnerable populations including: adolescents and youths, sex workers (SW), orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), men who have sex with men (MSM) and people living with HIV amongst others.

BZ is one of the four Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM) Principal Recipients (PRs) in South Africa to lead and provide strategic management, oversight, monitoring and evaluation on the implementation of the GF grant for the period April 2019 until March 2022. Beyond Zero will be implementing activities addressing the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Tuberculosis epidemics in South Africa, and more specifically the following modules:

  • Prevention programs for adolescents and youth, in and out of school (AGYW);
  • Comprehensive prevention programs for Men who have sex with Men (MSM);
  • Comprehensive prevention programs for Transgender (TG) people and
  • Community response systems (CRS)

Project Goals and Objectives Goals 

  1. Accelerate prevention to reduce new HIV and TB infections and STIs
  2. Reduce morbidity and mortality by providing treatment, care and adherence support for all
  3. Reach all key and vulnerable populations with customized and targeted interventions
  4. Address the social and structural drivers of HIV, TB and STIs, and align these efforts to the National Development Plan
  5. Ground the response to HIV, TB and STIs in human rights principles and approaches
  6. Promote leadership and shared accountability for sustainable response to HIV, TB and STIs

Current ICT Environment at Beyond Zero.
At the moment, Beyond Zero does not have a dedicated in-house IT function IT outsources its IT function to another Service provider and this service provider manages various applications and systems that have been outsourced to other various service provided. These various service providers host Beyond Zero’s Operating System servers, Applications and data for its different departments. There are four main departments at Beyond Zero, namely Programs, Finance, Human Resources, and Risk &Compliance. Each of these departments use different applications, and they are all hosted by different service providers. Data backups, Active directory, Networks and Internet connectivity are also managed by different service providers. From an operational perspective, many ICT issues have resulted, these issues have been identified during the Comprehensive IT Review that was performed on Beyond Zero IT Environment, hence the need to have a one stop shop for the whole ICT function. (The issues identified during the IT review performed centered around data backup and recovery, security and Service performance monitoring and reporting). An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that integrates all services across various Beyond Zero departments will be considered.


BEYOND ZERO is expecting the appointed service provider to provide services for the entire IT Function. The appointed ICT service provider will maintain required ICT systems at Beyond Zero in accordance with Beyond Zero ICT policies. The service provider will coordinate information needs and technical support requirements of Beyond Zero. The firm will provide daily technical support for users of the Local Area Network (LAN)/Wide Area Network (WAN), information management tools and technology infrastructure.
The service provider shall have a competent staff in the technical aspects of LAN/WAN and communication systems (daily support, training, implementation) in order to ensure 100% availability of the technology environment. The staff will consist of ICT engineers with good communication and technical skills, coupled with industry certification and substantive experiences in providing first line support in installation, configuration and troubleshooting and maintenance. System support includes both corporate and user area specific technology environments. The service provider will be responsible for the review and advice on the use of new technologies that will enhance ICT productivity at Beyond Zero.
The following are some of the expected responsibilities of the service provider:

  1. Ensure safety and security of all computerized data, information, files and documents including ensuring that data backup and recovery procedures are performed on all Beyond Zero applications data.
  2. Ensure internet availability and reliability, working with ISP to make sure that Internet services are working well and properly managed.
  3. To host and maintain various applications at Beyond Zero that are hosted by various service providers. The Service provider is also expected to manage the contract and performance of these various service providers. Consolidated monthly service performance reports must be submitted to Beyond Zero.
  4. Assist in possible integration of various applications by designing an application that interfaces current applications in use. This also includes recommending, sourcing, migration and implementation of an ERP System if Beyond Zero decides to change the current applications.
  5. Indexing the ports in/outlets in the server room, keep ICT equipment, storage area and work area clean and organized including other accessories.
  6. Administer and maintain office servers (Application, Mail, Active Directory, and others) and all LAN/WAN equipment, periodically updating software and configurations as well as the copies of the systems and databases.
  7. Ensure full operation of network utility procedure (Active Directory Administration) & security attributes, establishing directories, drive-mapping, configuring network printer & providing user access.
  8. Train staff on the use of the office intranet, network sharing and help them to archive official documents/emails, and support in the implementation of the electronic archive of all documents.
  9. Troubleshoot and monitor network problems: File Server Traffic, usage and performance, network security access and space usage. Follow up with staff for corrective measures.
  10. Installation and maintenance of printers across all Beyond Zero offices, ensuring that all service requests and trouble shootings are timely resolved.
  11. Implement and apply corporate ICT policies, strategies and plans at the Main Office and Field Sub-offices and ensure optimal performance of the computers in Beyond Zero offices in South Africa. Provide computer training as well as trouble shooting and ad-hoc technical assistance to users.
  12. Administration of antivirus server: Virus detection, removal and prevention for all systems. Ensure periodic anti-virus update anti-virus protection and other required software for the information system in the Country office is done.
  13. Install and maintain satellite telephone and VoIP telecommunications equipment and software as required in line with agreed security and business continuity arrangements.
  14. Maintain documentation of processes, procedures and troubleshooting guides including tracking vendor service requests through completion.
  15. Notify Beyond Zero in writing within a maximum of 2 days in case it’s unable to respect a contractual stipulation indicating reasons.
  16. Test and verify newly purchased ICT equipment against approved quotations received from suppliers and confirm the purchased equipment are as per approved quotation.
  17. Ensure that faulty machines under warranty are delivered to and also picked from the warranty Centre after repair work is done warranty
  18. Perform weekly site visits to assess the status of user machines and fix any arising incidents and provide reports thereof.

3. Deliverables

The successful service provider should be able to assist BEYOND ZERO in ensuring:

  • Properly functioning, secure and efficient network and servers.
  • Fully installed and Properly functioning computer systems, PABX and accessories
  • An efficient software applications and antivirus software on the network
  • Optimized network infrastructure, datacenter and ICT management aligned with corporate standards.
  • Good working condition of systems, hardware, and equipment maintained
  • Beyond Zero Staff well equipped on the latest ICT Technology and advancement
  • Comprehensive handover notes with clear recommendations for further/future improvements


4.1 The Client

BEYOND ZERO is the client.

4.2.The Requirements of the Firm

  • Legally registered organization with requisite professional experience and knowledge of Network technologies including Microsoft Windows, corporate ICT security and viral protection systems, ERP, PC/LAN operating systems and VoIP telecommunications.
  • Knowledge of Ability to perform a variety of standard specialized and non-specialized tasks and work processes that are fully documented, researched, recorded and reported.
  • Ability to review a variety of data, identify and adjust discrepancies, identify and resolve IT operational problems.
  • Ability to manage work of a confidential nature and handle large volumes of work
  • Should possess experience of client support, such as, a Help Desk or User Support Unit
  • Planning and Delivering results
  • Willingness to take ownership of issue analysis and resolution efforts and committing to “doing what it takes” to resolve technical issues regardless of effort or time required
  • The firm shall have local presence, on the ground to handle emerging issues.

The Service Provider must also provide information on overall qualifications, including

  • Profile of relevant corporate qualifications.
  • Professional expertise with providing IT Outsourced services.
  • Academic Qualifications of key members of the proposed project team (attach CV(s) and provide details of back-up/standby teams).
  • Number of years in business for both the company and the proposed team individually. Minimum five (5) years of relevant experience for both the company and the proposed team.
  • If your company has more than one location, please indicate these qualifications for the site that is responding. Confirm which office / branch will be servicing the client for this project.
  • Written reference of where similar work has been done.


5.1 Approach

The Service Provider should submit to BEYOND ZERO a detailed project plan with clear milestones, deliverables for sign off before any work can commence.

5.2 Project Time-frame and expected Output

  • The services provided by the contractor shall be on-call basis, 24/7 and may be delivered by electronic mail, both written and spoken.
  • Total duration of the contract is 1-year renewable for another 1 year upon satisfactory performance and availability of funding.

5.3 Financial Payment

  • The contractor shall be paid on a monthly basis subject to acceptable performance report
  • Payment shall be made in 30 days upon submission of invoice and service performance report
  • No advance payment shall be made to service provider.


 6.1 Notice of non-binding solicitation

BEYOND ZERO reserves the right to reject any and all bids received in response to this Request for Proposal, and is in no way bound to accept any proposal. All the work produced under this RFP will be sole property of BEYOND ZERO.

6.2 Data

All the raw and final data collected by the organization will be handed over to BEYOND ZERO in soft and hard copies.

6.3 Confidentiality

All information provided by BEYOND ZERO as part of this solicitation must be treated as confidential. Proposals, discussions, and all information received in response to this RFP will be held as strictly confidential, except as otherwise noted.

6.4 Communication

All communications regarding this RFP shall be directed to appropriate parties at BEYOND ZERO indicated on page 2 of this RFP. Contacting third parties involved in the project, the review panel, or any other party may be considered a conflict of interest, and could result in disqualification of the proposal.

6.5 Acceptance
Acceptance of a proposal does not imply acceptance of its terms and conditions. BEYOND ZERO reserves the option to negotiate on the final terms and conditions. We additionally reserve the right to negotiate the substance of the finalists’ proposals, as well as the option of accepting partial components of a proposal if appropriate.

6.5.1 Right to final negotiations

BEYOND ZERO reserves the option to negotiate on the final costs and final scope of work.

6.6 Third-party limitations

BEYOND ZERO does not represent, warrant, or act as an agent for any third party as a result of this RFP. This RFP does not authorize any third party to bind or commit BEYOND ZERO in any way without our express written consent.

7. BEYOND ZERO Contacts

1. Procurement Contact: ( ) for submission of proposal / quotation.
Technical Contact: ( ) for technical enquiries.
Preferably enquiries to be sent via email for audit trail purposes.

8. Evaluation Criteria

RFQs will be evaluated in terms of the 80/20 point scoring system.
Price and Functionality = 95 points
BBBEE Status Level Certification = 5points
Total = 100 points

BEE Status Level 5
Firm Experience Total = 15
No experience 0
Similar projects that includes professional experience and knowledge of Network technologies including Microsoft Windows, corporate ICT security and viral protection systems, ERP, PC/LAN operating  in systems and VoIP telecommunications  
Qualifications Total = 15
No expertise in team 0
Qualifications of team members: ITIL, CCNA/P, MSCE, OCA. 10
Experience of team members in conducting similar
Approach and Project Planning Total = 50
Approach not included 0
Approach partly in line with TOR 1-20
Approach fully in line with TOR 21-50
Total Points 100

Suppliers must score a minimum of 75% (60 points) on functionality to be considered for further evaluation. Failure of which will invalidate the bid.

9. Award & Contract

9.1 The contract will be concluded between Beyond Zero and the successful service provider.
9.2 The contract period is from the date of signing the contract agreement until the conclusion of the scope of work within agreed time frames between Beyond Zero and the successful service provider.
9.3 An award letter will be issued followed by the Service Level Agreement to be signed by Beyond Zero and the successful service provider, which will constitute a binding agreement between the parties.
9.4 The contract will be executed in line with National Treasury’s General Conditions of Contract.
9.5 The successful service provider will be paid the quoted amount only on the completion of the project in full.
9.6 Beyond Zero reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time should the service provided fail to meet the required standards.

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