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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Friday, 20 November, 2020
Opportunity type: 

Thanda is currently seeking a Head of Finance. The Head of Finance will play a key role within Thanda’s senior management team. In addition to Thanda’s Finances, the Head of Finance will need to deeply understand all of Thanda’s programmes, internal systems, strategic and operational plans, grant agreements, and budgets.

The ideal candidate for this job will be able to quickly and efficiently administer Thanda’s grant allocation system, compile ongoing reports on various aspects of Thanda financial situation, and lead the annual audit process, leaving time and capacity available for a more dynamic role within the senior leadership team.

The Head of Finance will be responsible for managing the Senior bookkeeper, and will work closely with programme managers to assist them in understanding their project budgets, implementing effective financial systems and controls, and increasing the overall capacity of staff. The ideal candidate for this role will be interested in assessing the social return on investment of programmes, and/or other novel approaches to tracking impact.

It is essential that the successful candidate has an extremely high level of attention to detail, and is very thorough and reliable. The Head of Finance needs to be able to maintain a sense of the Thanda’s overall financial situation at all times, as well as stay on top of all details. This role entails a large amount of responsibility and will suit a proactive person excited about understanding all aspects of a dynamic NGO.

This is a full time position, and is based in our administrative office in Hibberdene, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This position will require regular travel for visits to our rural Community Centre (32 kms). This position is ideal for someone looking to live close to the ocean to swim, surf, hike, and enjoy the beautiful nature on the South Coast. The culture at Thanda is one of passion, energy, hard work, and good sense of humour. We promote flexible working hours & locations, within an atmosphere of trust and team-work. We are not only looking for the right person for the job, but the right person for the team.

Thanda was founded in 2008 and is changing the way people see themselves in the rural community of Mtwalume on the South Coast of KZN. Our innovative Early Childhood Development, After-School, Organic Farming, and Creative Learning Programmes work directly with over 1600 individuals daily. It is important that the successful candidate for this position believes in Thanda’s mission. Visit to find out more about our programmes and impact.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Playing an active role within the Senior leadership team, in particular taking the lead on matters relating to Thanda’s overall financial situation.
  • Preparing Monthly Financial Statements, and other reports, from Thanda’s accounting system (Pastel)
  • Providing Senior Management with analysis of the financial position of Thanda, especially with regards to grant funding
  • Working with Programme Managers
  • Administering Thanda’s grant finance allocation process
  • Working within the Senior leadership team
  • Preparing financial reports for each of Thanda’s grants
  • Oversee Thanda’s banking and payments
  • Leading annual Audit Process for external auditor
  • Managing internal controls, and implementing improvements to the organization’s internal controls 
  • Overseeing the Senior Bookkeeper 

For further details, please see detailed job description below
Qualifications & Experience:

  • B.Com Degree OR at least 5 years’ experience in a senior finance role together with relevant education required
  • At least five years professional work experience required
  • Strong background in finance required
  • Experience in preparing financial reports required
  • Experience with audit procedures required
  • Managerial experience required

Skills & Attitude:

  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Detail-orientated personality
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • Understanding on how to utilise accounting applications to extract information and reports (and if necessary input transactions relevant to a particular responsibility of the incumbent).
  • Ability to create systems and improve procedures
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks on tight timelines
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure
  • Ability to follow procedures
  • Flexible and adaptable personality
  • High levels of responsibility, energy, and enthusiasm
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Ability and willingness to work evenings and weekends, if necessary in order to meet specific deadlines

Remuneration: R360 000 - R468 000 CTC per annum, depending on skills, qualifications, and experience

To apply: Please send the following to  

  • Your CV (max 4 pages
  • A one page cover letter (explaining why you are interested in working at Thanda specifically, and how your skills are relevant to job description)
  • Please do not send any additional documents (such as identity documents or certificates)

In the subject line of your email, please write “Application: Head of Finance 2020_[Insert Your Name]”
Deadline: 20 November 2020. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis up until the deadline.

Please do not call our offices. If you have questions, please ask them via email.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. If you do not hear back from us by 30 November 2020, please assume that your application has been unsuccessful.
Detailed Job Description –  Head of Finance

  1. Play an active role within the Senior leadership team, in particular taking the lead on matters relating to Thanda’s overall financial situation. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Maintain a strong sense or Thanda’s overall financial situation at all times;
    2. Play an active role in strategic planning in relation to finances;
    3. Collaborate with leadership team to analyze budget trends that impact implementation of sustainable, scalable and effective approaches to achieving the organization’s mission;
    4. Come up with suggestions of how to better allocate resources within the organisation, and share these with the Senior Management team;
    5. Oversee spending according to budget and grants;
    6. Monitor budget variances;
    7. Assist the Executive Director with preparation of the annual budget for approval by the Board;
    8. Work closely with  the Head of Development Strategy to assist with funding proposals, grant budgets, and to investigate new possibilities for funding.
  2. Prepare Monthly Financial Statements, and other reports on Thanda’s Financial Position, to support effective strategic decision making at leadership level. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Provide a monthly report that shows a cash flow forecast, the status of reserves, and an update on grant spending and budget funding;
    2. Provide the Senior leadership team with a monthly report (commentary), together with the financial statements.
    3. Clearly show breakdown of capitalized expenditure monthly;
    4. Generate Profit vs. Loss statement for various income generating projects as requested;
    5. Identify, highlight and initiate remedial action on accounts with financial implications to the organization as needed;
    6. Provide Programme Managers with updates on their budget spend monthly.
  3. Work with Programme Managers to increase capacity and improve financial controls. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Hold regular meeting with Programme Managers;
    2. Assist Managers with understanding project budgets, and provide them with updates on spent and available funds;
    3. Proactively work with managers to identify improvements to financial controls;
    4. Proactively work with managers to improve systems;
    5. Provide capacity building where appropriate.
  4. Administer Thanda’s grant finance allocation process. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Review and understand all grant agreements, in particular understand the intention and purpose of each grant received;
    2. Review and understand all project budgets;
    3. Liaise with relevant members of the senior management team to ensure full understanding of how spending should be allocated to individual grant budgets;
    4. Regularly allocate all spending to specific grants, ensuring that finance allocations for grants are always up to date;
    5. Ensure that grant budgets are spent within correct timeframes;
    6. Maintain grant allocations in a format easily accessible to the Finance Team;
    7. Provide up-to-date information on spending as requested;
    8. Gather information on all income, and communicate this information to the Head of Operational Development monthly.
  5. Prepare financial reports for each of Thanda’s grants. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Review grant agreements to ensure awareness about when funder reports are due;
    2. Ensure that grant budgets are spent within the correct timeframes, liaising with the Head of Operational Development where appropriate.
    3. Ensure grant allocations for each grant are complete and correct, ideally two weeks before reports become due;
    4. Prepare financial reports for each grant;
    5. Ensure that financial reports for each grant are made available to the Head of Operational Development and to the Reports Manager, ideally two weeks before each external report becomes due;
    6. Assist with calculating Social Return on Investment for reports where appropriate.
  6. Ensure that an annual Audit Process takes place. This involves ensuring that Thanda provides the appointed external auditors with fully supported and accurate draft annual financial statements, all supporting schedules are complete, and that all supporting documentation is correct. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Engage external auditors, liaising with senior management team where appropriate;
    2. Prepare draft annual financial statements;
    3. Ensure that all supporting schedules have been completed;
    4. Ensure that all supporting documentation is correct and in place before submission to auditors;
    5. Ensure audit takes place.
  7. Oversee internal controls within finance to reduce risks. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Proactively identify areas of internal controls that require improvement;
    2. In consultation with the Executive Director, implement such improvements.
  8. Oversee the Senior Bookkeeper to ensure that his/her key functions are performed, and that his/her important deadlines are met. This responsibility includes the following activities:

    1. Oversee the Senior Bookkeeper in his/her preparation and of the books of account;
    2. Assist the Senior Bookkeeper with queries, and/or resolving issues with the accounting system.
    3. Ensure that all all ledger accounts are reconciled and balanced on a monthly basis;
    4. Ensure that petty cash is reconciled and accounted for on a weekly basis;
    5. Ensure that EMP 201 is submitted monthly;
    6. Ensure that EMP 501 is submitted biannually;
    7. Ensure that VAT reconciliation is submitted;
    8. Ensure that bills are paid timeously;
    9. Ensure that Pastel is backed-up monthly;
    10. Oversee  VIP system for the Thanda payroll;
    11. Oversee calculations for leave and overtime;
    12. Ensure that employers are paid timeously each month;
    13. Take responsibility for ensuring that, should for any reason the Senior Bookkeeper not fulfil any of the above key duties/functions, that these are performed by someone else within the organisation, or (with the permission of the Executive Director) by an external consultant.
  9. Assist with other tasks as delegated by the Executive Director.

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