AfricaX: Building Resilience for Civil Society in South Africa

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Saturday, 14 November, 2020

Do you want to, with certainty, offer your stakeholders a clear map of how you can emerge stronger from the COVID crisis? Do you want to attract more donors?
The AfricaXTRA toolkit will give you a   proven formula for doing so, matched to certified, globally accredited online skills training.
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AfricaX has created an innovative solution so that South African civil society and NGOs can emerge resilient from COVID 19 and face 2021 with confidence and certainty. This unique toolkit gives every NGO a stress test with a gap analysis and a tailored risk and resilience report. The 4 focus areas are Financial and Funding Sustainability, Organisational Health, Program Response and Programme Funding. The report and the learning library are seamlessly mapped to where your organisation falls in this matrix. AfricaX matches the relevant courses from a library of 150+ courses to your risk areas so you can simply start the skills and training to boost your resilience.  
This ground-breaking tool means that you can quickly and easily find the gaps and the report offers a clear decision-making framework. All courses are certified and from AfricaX partners of edX (including Harvard and Stanford University), Philanthropy University, the Sustainable Development Goals Academy and Funzi. AfricaX  thought partners, Dasra ( developed the tool and it has been deployed, tested and successfully integrated in forums provided by Harvard Business School and Ashoka University. The recent Dasra workshop in July 2020 facilitated 250 organisations and 500 participants. Dasra has offered their blueprint exclusively to AfricaX to support capacity building on the African continent.
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Each module includes:

  • Every organisation receives a clear decision framework with a risk and resilience matrix report called the Toolkit.
  • Every person receives a certificate on completion from globally recognised institutions.
  • Every organisation can evaluate the impact of COVID 19 and plan an effective strategy for resilience.
  • Every organisation that completes a Toolkit can choose 2 courses from the Blue library.
  • Everyone that completes a Blue Course has unlimited choices from the Green library until 10 December 2020.
  • Cost is R6,000 per organisation for all the above features, VAT exclusive.

AfricaXTRA is where:

- T represents Training, Toolkit and Tangible results.
- R represents Resilience, Real and Relevant learning.
- A is for Accountability and Action!

AfricaXTRA overview
There are two key pillars to the AfricaXTRA Approach:

  1. The Toolkit – an online self-assessment of the organisation designed to highlight factors contributing to organisational stress with a gap analysis, decisions framework and a tailored report specific to the NGO. See below for samples of the Toolkit.
  2. Training and Capacity Building – building on the Toolkit, individuals within the organisation can obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, and resources matched to the gap analysis of the Toolkit report.

AfricaXTRA value

  • Every organisation can review the impact of 2020 with clarity
  • NGOs can face 2021 with certainty
  • Can approach new donors with confidence with a report, roadmap and proven decision framework
  • NGOs can respond to existing stakeholder on the impact of COVID crisis combined with clear solutions on how to emerge resilient.
  • The Toolkit offers a unique opportunity to find, assess and understand the risks and gaps in the organisation.
  • Every organisation can evaluate the impact of COVID 19 and plan an effective strategy for resilience.
  • Strengthen organisation areas of weakness with globally recognised and relevant skills and learning
  • Global standards combined with practical, pragmatic solutions in one seamless platform  

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AfricaXTRA Process

AfricaX Toolkit

This Toolkit is Phase 1 of a successful, global, dynamic diagnostic Stress Test coupled with a decision guide that enables organizations to emerge stronger post a turbulent situation. The blueprint is exclusive to AfricaX to develop capacity building on the African continent and has been tailored to the South Africa context. Organizations can now identify gaps, diagnose their risk matrix, work through stress scenarios, pro-actively plan future decisions and re-align evolving priorities. Greater emphasis is placed on strengthening institutional capacities of; business planning, financial & funding situations, and team management for an organization to tide over a crisis.
The AfricaX toolkit is a self-assessment evaluation of an organisation designed to highlight factors contributing to organizational stress. It considers aspects such as fund flow status and talent health, along with programmatic aspects focusing on the ability to deliver programs during a turbulent period. These are critical factors in building resilience.
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Components of AfricaXTRA Toolkit

Training and Capacity Building:

AfricaX has curated a unique library of 150+ courses to ensure maximum impact and to build organisational resilience. 

  • Each organisation that completes the Toolkit has access the next step of Capacity Building and Training.   
  • The library is composed of two sections - the BLUE and the GREEN.
  • Each organisation can select two courses from the BLUE library, this is included in the fee.
  • The Green section is unlimited to anyone that has completed a BLUE course and is included in the fee.   
  • All courses are certified and from Harvard, edX, Funzi, Philanthropy University and other leading institutions.
  • A single digital dashboard offering full transparency on all organisational and individual activity is generated.

The AfricaXTRA library:

  • Each organisation can select 2 BLUE courses from the full library.
  • Each person doing a BLUE course, can select unlimited courses from the GREEN library until 10 December 2020

Sample of Courses: Institutional Resilience-Funding and Financial Stability

NOTE: The Toolkit Report and the Library are both aligned to the same grid and legend as in the Toolkit reports so that the organisation can match to the same category from the library for easy mapping.

BLUE Library GREEN Library
From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation Fundraising during COVID 19 Pandemic
Early Childhood Development for sustainable Development Setting up a Non-Profit Board
Founder 101 Unlocking your organisations potential: capacity building 101
Results based financing Storytelling for impact
Ethical Leadership in a changing world Girl Centred Design
The Overlooked Skill: Emotional Intelligence Advocacy
Measuring Sustainable Development Creating a Theory of Change
Social Impact for Success Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Discovering Corporate Social Responsibility Discovering Corporate Social Responsibility
Human rights, Human wrongs: challenging poverty & social exclusion Establishing effective partnerships

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