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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Friday, 28 August, 2020
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LandNNES is the Land Network National Engagement Strategy in South Africa. LandNNES was launched by civil society stakeholders in 2018, following the establishment of a national Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP) for People-Centred Land Governance in 2017. It operates as a consultative civil society platform which brings together members with a common medium-long term perspective to create a force that increases possibilities for People Centered Land Governance. The Network is focussed on policy level advocacy through a strategy of Connecting, Mobilising and Engaging. The strategic goal of the LandNNES South Africa is to realise equitable, inclusive and participatory land governance, effective land administration and agrarian transformation that enhance women’s rights to live on and use land.
Based anywhere in South Africa, LandNNES is seeking to appoint skilled managers and strategists to fulfil the positions of:

Based on a temporary testing of roles during the additional responsibilities created by the Covid-19 disaster, it was resolved that the role of the Facilitator at LandNNES should be divided into two contracted positions: an internal LandNNES facilitator focussed on managing the network of members and an external LandNNES facilitator focussed on shaping and directing the MSP. The External Facilitator will be contracted for 6 working days per month, while the Internal Facilitator will be contracted for 12 working days per month. The contracts will run from the date of appointment until the 31st December 2021.
The External Facilitator (6 days per month) will have the following responsibilities:

  • To work closely with the key stakeholders of the MSP organising committee in order to ensure that civil society concerns and interests are reflected in the work of the MSP.
  • To undertake any tasks that the MSP organising committee requests in order to ensure the MSP fulfils its mandate.
  • To keep the internal facilitator informed about any policy, strategic or other issues relevant for LandNNES members arising from the ongoing work of the MSP.
  • To consult the internal facilitator regularly on issues arising from the work of members and how these issues might be taken into the work of the MSP
  • To advise the Steering committee on any governance issues arising from participating in the MSP organising committee.
  • Participate in all relevant discussions necessary to achieve the above, including LandNNES lekgotlas and Steering Committee meetings.
  • Raise the profile of LandNNES through careful management of stakeholder relationships.
  • Assist the internal facilitator with donor reporting obligations.
  • Assist the internal facilitator to identify and mobilise resources for LandNNES sustainability.
  • Ensure that budgetary reporting for the above work is undertaken in adherence to AFRA good governance processes.
  • Report to the Director of the LandNNES fiscal host.

The External Facilitator must meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent networking and communication abilities and must be extremely well organized
  • Possess a sound understanding of policy processes and how they may be influenced and engaged with
  • minimum of five years’ experience of high-level networking with Government, have worked in a relevant NGO, and have a thorough knowledge of land and agrarian policy issues.

The Internal Facilitator (12 days per month) will have the following responsibilities:

  • Build the institution of LandNNES as per its TOR and guidance from the Steering Committee;
  • Convene the members twice annually in order to do strategic policy and action planning, and build internal capacity and good governance in the network;
  • Ensure thorough and accessible communication takes place between members working at the grassroots and members and staff engaging at the MSP levels in order to leverage maximum influence to shape policy;
  • Undertake policy level advocacy based on positions adopted by the members;
  • Contribute to LandNNES’s public image through contributions to the web site, blogs, opinion pieces and social media.
  • Oversee and manage expenditure and budgets for LandNNES;
  • Manage the donor relationship in relation to the work of the platform, including attending ILC and other donor events, doing presentations on LandNNES, delegating members to respond and engage with donors when appropriate;
  • Report on the work of LandNNES to its members, Steering Committee and funders as per agreed formats and timeframes, which may change from time to time;
  • Manage the working group convenors, media and communications staff;
  • Undertake fundraising initiatives and proposals on behalf of LandNNES;
  • Report to the Director of the fiscal host, currently AFRA.

The Internal Facilitator must meet all the criteria of the External Facilitator, as well as:

  • A relevant Bachelor’s Degree
  • A demonstrably excellent understanding of land governance and agrarian transformation issues
  • Ability to evaluate different methods of building network capacity

Preference for both positions will be given to youth, women and Employment Equity (EE) candidates.
View the full job description and application instructions on the Vacancies page at and email your application by
Friday 28th August 2020 to

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