PATH: Call for expression of interest to host the SAHTAC secretariat

Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Friday, 13 March, 2020
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

PATH, a global nonprofit organization that is working to accelerate health equity so all people and communities can thrive, seeks the services of an organization to serve as the Secretariat of the South African Health Technology Advocacy Coalition (SAHTAC).


South African Health Technologies Advocacy Coalition (SAHTAC) was launched in 2016 with the purpose of supporting evidence-based policy change and implementation, improved coordination of health R&D funding mechanisms, and a coordinated advocacy approach. It is a coalition with a wide range of stakeholders that are involved in health R&D advocacy and/or implementation.

Through partnership, evidence generation, and accountability measures the coalition advocates for:

  • Implementation of existing policies related to health R&D
  • Improved financing for health R&D
  • Bolstered civil society engagement in health R&D

The SAHTAC secretariat is currently housed at PATH and PATH is in the process of transitioning the secretariat roles and functions to a locally registered organization.

Criteria for Host Agency

  • The organization must be of reputable standing with experience in any of the following:
    • implementing health research and development (R&D)
    • health R&D communications  
    • health R&D advocacy
  • The organization must be able and willing to support comprehensive health R&D advocacy, including R&D across multiple diseases areas, in line with the objectives of SAHTAC and collaborate with coalition members to support a diverse health R&D advocacy agenda 
  • The organization must have experience working with key stakeholders in health R&D, including national regulatory authorities, government, civil society, policy makers and legislators
  • The organization must have strong partnerships with key stakeholders in health R&D, including government agencies and other local organizations
  • The organization must have a track record of fiscal integrity, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability and financial prudence managing and implementing operation 
  • The organization must fulfill all legal, tax and regulatory requirements of philanthropic and charitable nonprofit organizations and compliant with all applicable laws and ideally comply with the Non-Profit Organizations Act of South Africa.

Host Responsibilities

  • The organization will host SAHTAC’s secretariat and in collaboration with the SAHTAC’s steering committee will ensure monitoring and evaluation of the coalition’s activities
  • The organization will ensure compliance in program implementation including reporting to the donor
  • SAHTAC’ designated resources will be used to cover both direct costs and fee/overhead/indirect costs for complete host’s services:
    • The host will support SAHTAC to function smoothly and efficiently, enabling SAHTAC members to implement the strategy and budget approved by SAHTAC’s steering committee.
    • Set dates for and host regular SAHTAC meetings to ensure completion of agreed upon yearly workplan
    • Hold AGM and annual workplan meetings and garner feedback from across the coalition to develop workplans and shared objectives
    • Provide support to SAHTAC’s sub-groups to ensure there are resources to carry out the coalition’s goals
    • Arrange meetings with key stakeholders and provide opportunities for coalition members to engage and advance the coalitions’ objectives
    • The organization will support SAHTAC’s secretariat with appropriate office space and equipment and use of common facilities; offer all standard human resource services including legal support if needed; support logistics for travel and meetings, including official travel insurance; and provide IT support to SAHTAC’s secretariat 
  • The host organization will manage finances and administration according to its own procedures, procurement policies, and audit requirements and in line with donor requirements:
    • Management of and reporting on SAHTAC finances — The host organization will provide information necessary for SAHTAC’s applications for funding. The host organization may accept grants to support the strategy and budget approved by SAHTAC’s steering committee and provide financial services and authorizations (as necessary) for SAHTAC to operate with those funds - including monthly budget versus actuals documentation. The host organization will handle payments on behalf of SAHTAC, provided these requests are backed up with adequate documentation.
  • The host will support SAHTAC to operate under its own (SAHTAC’s) identity

Application Procedure

  • Interested organizations must write a letter of interest of not more than three pages long:
    • Provide a brief organizational overview and why the organization would be a suitable host for SAHTAC
    • Address the criteria and requirements described above including commitment to R&D advocacy and understanding of the R&D policy landscape
    • Explain your organization’s interest in hosting SAHTAC:
      • What the organization brings and contributes to SAHTAC, including support for SAHTAC from senior levels of the organization
      • How the organization will benefit from hosting SAHTAC
  • Include information about any other experience your organization has hosting a coalition of organizations
  • Include specific administrative and/or grants management fees, and indirect costs
  • Include any questions or concerns not addressed in the invitation for letters of interest 
  • Highlight areas that organization would benefit from additional capacity building

Include contact information for the individual(s) who will respond to questions or requests for additional information. All complete letters of interest will be reviewed by the PATH and external experts in adherence with the criteria outlined by the SAHTAC Transition Committee. Conflicts of interest will be addressed to ensure a neutral review of all letters of interest. If the review committee has questions or needs additional information, they will contact the individual named by the applying organization.

Selection Process and timelines

Three phases selection process will be put in place which includes:
a) Submission of Expression of Interest (EoI),
b) Evaluation against set criteria and
c) Field verification of the shortlisted organizations. Based on the evaluation of EoI and selection criteria, field verification will be conducted only on the shortlisted NGOs to select one NGO:

  • Applicant CSOs will be informed of the outcome of their submissions by communication sent out to the email used in the application
  • Request for additional information and submissions should be addressed to Diketso Mphafudi on by 13 March 2020

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