WaterAid: Call for Proposals for Market Research

Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Monday, 21 October, 2019
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

Call for Proposals for Market Research to explore if mobile money services can be an alternative to finance household sanitation in urban low-income areas in Lusaka, Zambia

​The advent of mobile money has ensured improved financial inclusion amongst the population group at the bottom of the pyramid. This has ensured improved access to financial services, improved savings and access to credit. Most people who stay in low income areas or per-urban areas rely on mobile money services to support their financial transactions. Financial institutions such as banks and micro-financing have partnered with mobile network operators (MNO) through mobile money services to improve access to financial services and ensure access to a new clientele.  
There is  consensus that mobile money can do more to unlock several opportunities for those at the bottom of the pyramid.  Given sanitation problems, the question arises whether the advent of mobile money can be used to address sanitation financing constraints in low income areas and if so, the conditions to enable this.  

WaterAid seeks the services of a consultant to conduct a feasibility study on the possible use of mobile money savings or credit schemes to finance household sanitation in a specified low-income community in Zambia. The key objectives and questions are:
     Objective 1: To ascertain the socio-economic status of the targeted households

  1. Who are the owners of the houses in the low-income areas by demographics i.e. are they tenants or landlords?
  2. How do they earn a living?
  3. What is the average monthly income per household?
  4. Which form of financial services do they use Banks, Mobile money, both?
  5. How many people have phones, what type are they e.g. smart phones?
  6. What are their savings or credit patterns?

     Objective 2: To ascertain whether targeted communities have access to Water, Sanitation
     and Hygiene services.

  1. What is the state of their households WASH access, especially sanitation?
  2. What type of latrines are being used in these communities?
  3. What are the desired ones and what are their average costs?

     Objective 3: To access if there is willingness to use Mobile Money services to finance
     household sanitation.

  1. Are households willing to borrow or save for their household sanitation facilities? How much?
  2. Which players will be willing to be part of this Mobile Money for sanitation initiative i.e. Mobile Network Operators, Financial Institutions, Local authorities?
  3. What are the possible recommendations from the different players that is network mobile operators, financial institutions, regulators and local authorities? 

Scope of the work

The consultant is required to conduct thorough market research and gather additional evidence which WaterAid can use as a basis to develop and design a pilot project on the use of mobile money services to finance household sanitation in low income areas in Zambia. Possible target are is Linda compound in Kanyama constituency in Lusaka Province .
The required output from the consultant are:

  • A full report of the research with clear recommendations (15-25 pages), a summary brief (2-4 pages) and a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Clear report with feedback from each stakeholder on what needs to be in place for this initiative to be a success

Time Schedule and Reporting
The work is expected to commence around mid-November 2019 and carried out over a period of approximately 8-12 weeks. The exact number of input days and duration of assignment will be agreed with the selected consultant.

The following experience and skills are required:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent  in Development Finance or Development Economics
  • A well-documented record of experiences in a relevant field  (especially fintech) and knowledge of general development economics
  • Proven experience   in market research for development programmes
  • Prior experience in planning, implementing, evaluating and/or conducting research at national and/or regional level
  • Knowledge and/ or experience of the WASH sector
  • Knowledge of the role of the private sector and government  in the delivery of sustainable services
  • Understanding of government and the political economy of decision-making, including good knowledge of the working of Government (i.e. systems, protocols, procedures etc).
  • Understanding and knowledge of the operations of Mobile Network operators and financial institutions   and development agencies will be key.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • An understanding of WaterAid and its interventions is an advantage.
  • Must be fluent in English. Knowledge of Local languages in Zambia will be an added advantage.                                 

Submitting an expression of interest

Individuals interested in conducting this work should submit a proposal,  not longer than two pages, demonstrating understanding of the TOR, possible methodology and detailed budget for review. Please do also include your CV/s. Submit all in one document.
Expressions of interest will be assessed based on competencies, record of previous work, quality of proposal and demonstration of understanding of the task.

Applications should be sent to SouthAfricaAdmin by 21st of  October 2019.

We expect to respond by end October with an anticipated start date of  mid- November 2019.


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