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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Friday, 4 October, 2019
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No Means No Worldwide (NMNW) is a global rape prevention organization whose mission is to end sexual violence against women and children. We train instructors in high-risk environments to deliver our proven IMpower rape prevention curricula to boys and girls ages 10-20. Wherever we teach, the incidence of rape drops by 50%. Girls learn to identify risk, say “no” and talk their way out of trouble. If that “no” is not respected, they also learn physical skills to back it up. Boys learn to challenge rape myths, ask for consent and intervene if they anticipate or witness predatory behavior. 

NMNW seeks to appoint a Female Global Master Trainer.

The purpose of the position is to will learn and teach IMpower, NMNW’s proven system of violence prevention, intervention and recovery. GMTs will enable NMNW’s scale-through-replication model by launching the girl’s components of IMpower programs across the globe, and supporting our Implementing Partners to roll out our IMpower program with fidelity and success. Female GMTs will be responsible for first mastering a 12-hour curriculum for female students ages 10-20 that imparts mental, verbal and physical skills as well as feminist philosophy and human rights. They then will be responsible for training new female IMpower Instructors in countries around the world with high rates of sexual violence. This is an international roving position. GMTs will spend the majority of their time living and working abroad in various locations, and should be ready for significant international travel. They will also be asked to make a two-year commitment. This position reports to NMNW’s


  • Work closely with NMNW’s Implementing Partner (IP) organizations to design, launch, monitor and troubleshoot all aspects of IMpower programs
  • Plan, lead and manage full-day IMpower trainings up to 4 weeks in length to develop new female IMpower instructors
  • Provide ongoing coaching and skill development to new IMpower Instructors as they begin teaching the program to youth
  • Work with IPs and new IMpower instructors to set up and maintain Survivors in
  • Recovery Anonymous (SIRA) meetings for survivors
  • Support IPs to design and maintain a comprehensive referral network of prevention and aftercare resources and providers (medical, legal, social)
  • Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships with NMNW’s Implementing
  • Partners by providing customized technical support both in-person and remotely over the life of IMpower projects.
  • Liaise with local gender-based violence organizations, stakeholders, government sources and schools to foster collective learning and collaboration on sexual violence
  • Prevention best-practices
  • Contribute to creating and/or adapting context-specific curriculum as needed
  • Collect and oversee data collection
  • Work in tandem with NMNW’s male-focused programming and staff to ensure the design and delivery of effective, dual-gender IMpower programs


  • Knowledge:
    • Feminism - Commitment to feminist values and ideologies
    • Gender-Based Violence - Familiarity with gender-based violence and its origins
    • Reproductive Health - Knowledgeable about sexual and reproductive health
    • Cross-Cultural Competency - Comfortable working in other cultures
    • Group Facilitation - Comfortable leading or facilitating group learning
  • Skills:
    • Critical Thinking - Able to observe and synthesize the pros and cons of a situation and
    • use learning to implement a best course of action
    • Organizational - Able to juggle competing priorities, interests, trainings, schedules,
    • timelines and work-related arrangements
    • Tenacity - Able to not give up and find ways around, over, under, through
    • Humility - Respect of, and appreciation for, diversity and cultural differences
    • Interpersonal skills - Ability to form meaningful connections with others and build trustworthy relationships
  •  Effective Communicator - both verbally and in writing
  • Background (not all required):
    • Social justice work - committed to equity and human rights
    • Gender studies - fantastic background to have for this work
    • Travel - especially to challenging locations
    • Coaching/teaching – in formal or informal settings
    • Community organizing - for behavior change, social cause
    • International development - classes, studies, experience
    • Negotiating and storytelling skills - with youth and adults
    • Volunteering - we like to see a history of this
    • Survivor - knowledge of assault, abuse, childhood trauma
    • 12 Step - understanding the nature and processes of 12 Step programs
    • Multicultural - raised in other countries or cultures
    • Multilingual - the more the better
    • Servant leadership - understanding the interplay of humility and leadership
    • Cultural Fit
    • In order to thrive at NMNW, a candidate must:
    • Excel in an entrepreneurial, rapidly-growing and independent environment with minimal
    • supervision
    • Be able to work productively in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, effectively
    • managing multiple priorities at once
    • Be an energetic self-starter, team builder and innovator
    • Eagerly jump on opportunities to exceed expectations and solve new challenges autonomously
  • Exhibit commitment to the professional development of herself, developing new skills whenever necessary
  • Have a love for challenging international travel and a hunger for learning and experiencing new cultures
  • Contribute to NMNW’s positive, “Attitude of Gratitude” team culture by embracing every opportunity to learn and experience new things.
  • Competency Profile
    • If going through hard-core empowerment defense and intervention training and flying into high risk areas to teach women, children and young adults how to prevent sexual assault appeals to you... then congratulations! You just might be our brand of crazy.
    • You do not need be a college graduate to apply. No prior self-defense training is necessary, but it could be helpful. No prior teaching or presentation experience is necessary either, but you'll need to be an absolute rock star to make the cut. Don’t apply if you're angry at the world or hate men. Don’t apply if you can’t handle discomfort, disruptions, and difficulties. We pride ourselves on being easy going, happy, healthy and low maintenance. Everyone we work with has a passion for ending violence against women and children. Do apply if you have that passion, too.
    • Apply if you want to end the violence. Apply if you love learning and thrive on educating others.
    • Apply if you love people, enjoy networking and like being part of a team.
    • Position Details
    • Position Location
    • International roving position, first in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Physical Requirements
    • Must be strong and in good health.
    • This position requires physical fighting skills, holding up mitts and shields to take strikes and kicks, doing full-force interactions.
    • People with health conditions that may require emergency care or steady access to electricity should not apply, as medical services and consistent electricity may not be available in some deployment area.
    • Travel conditions can be tough and accommodations basic.

Application Instructions

  • Send your resume and cover letter by to careers@nmnw.org with the subject line
  • “Female Global Master Trainer.”
  • In your cover letter, please explain what interests you about this position and why you think you would be a good fit for it. Please also indicate where you found the job description.

Please quote the source of this advertisement in your application - NGO Pulse Portal

We will conduct rolling interviews and the position will start in mid-October 2019.

For more about NMNW, refer to https://www.nomeansnoworldwide.org/about

For other vacancies in the NGO sector, refer to www.ngopulse.org/vacancies

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