Call for Proposals: Development and Hosting of The Hlanganisa Institute For Development Website

Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa (HiDSA)
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Monday, 23 July, 2018
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

HLANGANISA Institute of Development in Southern Africa (HiDSA)) is a renowned grant maker for small community based organisations aimed at promoting social justice, fostering active citizenry and delivering key services to marginalized sub populations. HiDSA does this through innovative grant making, capacity building and sector strengthening.

HiDSA is seeking the services of a company (or Team) to develop their website on secure open source platform and offer web maintenance support. The website will be key in promoting the HiDSA brand and preserving its professional image.

Scope of work

  • Once-off development work
  • Continued hosting and maintenance of the site, which would include applying security patches, clearing out log files, enlarging disk space before it runs out, sorting out security certificates and fixing bugs in the code.


The activities will include (but not limited to):

Web site development

  • Liaising with current service provider to secure the existing site during the transition to the new platform,
  • Liaising with HiDSA staff on new content and functionality,
  • Developing the website on a standard CMS (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla) and implement features that add value,
  • Use simple, cost-effective techniques to test designs with representative users before implementation of major features such as restructuring the main navigation menu,
  • Optimize the site for low bandwidth users,
  • Implement a basic “blog” function with integrated twitter and Facebook posting,
  • Ensure the site is compatible with the current versions of the following browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome)
  • Add a comprehensive search functionality to the web site

Web site hosting

  • The web site should be hosted on a server that supports relevant technologies

Web site maintenance

  • Web site content updates: the service provider will assist with content update when the changes that have to be made are not possible from the CMS user interface. It should be endeavoured that as much changes as possible be made from the CMS user interface
  • The service provider will maintain full backup of the web site through the duration of the contract. The backup, code and source files will be delivered in full to client on closing of the contract.
  • The service provider will have an automated testing system that checks for broken hyperlinks on the site.
  • The service provider will verify regularly that the site is up and running, and will revert to the back up whenever necessary.
  • The service provider will give guidance on using the admin interface of the CMS.
  • The service provider will monitor the server logs to see most popular pages and downloads and generate regular reports.

Search Engine Optimization and site analysis

  • The service provider will ensure the search engine optimization. The SEO work will include:
  • Keyword search and analysis, Site analysis, Competitive analysis, Site content optimization, HTML code optimization, Search Engine submission (free search engines), Link exchange, Web ranking report
  • The service provider will provide annual and detailed reports analyzing progress, trends and areas to be improved. The reports should also include comprehensive and cumulative figures for downloads; as well as a competitor analysis.


  • Documents and graphics, such as logos and images, will be provided by HiDSA.
  • This service level agreement should guarantee server uptime and response time to queries. The service provider should have an automated issue management ticket system for customer requests and allow clients to access tickets via the web at any time, including the correspondence log.
  • The SLA will include financial penalty clauses should the company break the terms of the agreement.

Selection criteria 

The company (Team) should have:

  • Proven experience of web design and support in the development sector,
  • Strong experience in developing in well-known and widely used open source platforms, such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.
  • Understanding of End Users needs to match with adequate technical solutions.
  • Strong track record in web site design; security and administration; Google analytics; Search Engine Optimization.

Selection process 

The proposal should (I) clearly establish an understanding of the services required and separate out activities according to the two areas of work listed above; (ii) describe how the company engages with its clients: what processes they follow and requirements they have regarding timelines, rates, requests, sign-off and payments; (iv) include CVs of the team of (programmers and designers) assigned to the work, the timetable, and the financial proposal. The budget should be broken down by activities.
Proposal evaluation

The proposals received will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Profile and experience of the organisation (10%)
  • Professional capacity and experience of the team assigned (20%)
  • Satisfactory quality of previous work (should be verifiable) (30%)
  • Pricing (30%)
  • Accessibility and proximity of the support team (10%)

Any questions should be sent to: Silindokuhle Mchunu at

All proposals should be submitted to by latest 5pm on 23 July 2018.

Mention “HiDSA Website development” in the subject line. 

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