Call for Proposals: Researchers - Social accountability and service delivery monitoring tools

Freedom House
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Thursday, 19 April, 2018
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

Freedom House is seeking a researcher to identify all significant social accountability and service delivery monitoring tools that have been developed in South Africa for use by citizens, to develop a framework for assessment of these tools and to complete an assessment report identifying those tools which appear most efficient and effective in achieving their stated objectives.

Scope of Work:

The researcher will

  • Develop a system for identifying, gaining sufficient access to and assessing these tools;
  • Undertake an assessment and produce a report on that assessment for Freedom House Southern Africa.


Because of its level of governance transparency, legal system, and active citizenry coupled with a sophisticated use of computers and social media by citizens, a wide array of tools have been developed for people to use to identify system failures or weaknesses, to register complaints, and to communicate with their local authorities, government departments and elected representatives. Some of these have been developed by government, some by groups of citizens, some by the private sector and by public interest coding companies. These use both proprietary apps and more generally available platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Some are open and publicly available, some require registration and forms of membership, and others, like moderated WhatsApp groups, are only available on invitation. A few continue to operate as phone call in complaints mechanisms but without the necessary monitoring component which is needed. There are also some training and paper based monitoring tools which may be more appropriate in places where technology has limited reach.
It is our intention to develop as comprehensive a list of these tools as possible subject to the time and resources available and then to assess them critically as to their objectives, effectiveness, take up, development and running costs and so on. A number of them, while apparently excellent in concept, have not been taken up in the numbers necessary to make them worthwhile. Other less well designed systems seem to have achieved greater impact.


The successful candidates should be based in South Africa and should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to deliver the work
  • Familiarity with the context within which the work is to be undertaken.
  • Demonstrated competence in systematic research in this particular area.

Deliverables and Timeline

Please note that these tasks have to be carried out by the end of September 2018.


The researcher will be paid at a daily rate, negotiable within Freedom House accepted consultancy rates based on the accepted research work plan and time table. Costs of travel, accommodation, S&T and materials should be included in the quotation. USG ceiling rates apply to all transport and related costs.

Application Guidelines

Please submit an application consisting of the following to Ms. Mpangi Kwenge,, by April 19, 2018. The application should include:

  • Motivation letter detailing experience and suitability for this consultancy
  • Proposal
  • CV(s) of intended trainers
  • Desired daily rate and estimated number of days. Please note that consulting rates must be justified in the proposal by reference to previous work
  • Two references from work conducted in the last 18 months

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