Bid Request: External Quality Assessment Services against the Fair Trade Tourism Standard and Certification System

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT)
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Monday, 23 April, 2018
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals
Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) is a non-profit organisation promoting best-practice responsible tourism in Africa through our membership and certification programmes. Operating since 2003, it also became the first tourism certification programme in Africa to be recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in December 2010.FTT endorses a third party-audit process, enabling the organization to assume an explicit, conf lict-free and unbiased role as a market and business development organization.

To this end FTT is seeking the appointment of an experienced, qualified, reputable and cost-effective audit firm to provide external quality assessment services against its Standard and Certification Process.

The Fair Trade Tourism Standard and Certification Audit Process comply with international best practice as set out by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

It is available for the following categories of tourism businesses/ products: Accommodation, Tourism Facilities (such as spas and conferencing), Food Services (such as restaurants), Activities (such as day trips and tours); Attractions (such as museums or botanical gardens) and Volunteer Programmes.

The compliance criteria for targeted tourism products fall under the following categories: Tourism businesses/ products in pursuit of FTT certification apply for an on-site audit by a professional audit firm appointed by FTT to audit against its Standard.

During an on-site audit the auditor will verify compliance with a number of criteria relating to a) Business Practice and Human Resource; b) Community Resource; c) Cultural Heritage and d) Environmental Practice.

The majority of on-site audits will take place in South Africa but occasional services will also need to be delivered in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Madagascar

The Respondent should have to capacity to conduct in excess of 30 on-site audits per year travelling to the target tourism business/ product.

The Respondent should have the capacity to respond to audit requests and conduct physical on-site audits timeously within 10 days of a tourism business/ product demonstrating its eligibility and readiness for an the audit.

The following services needs to be performed in process:

  • Evaluation of a completed application that is uploaded on the FTT QMS by the applicant prior to an onsite audit
  • Conducting the on-site audit to evaluate whether the target business/ product has successfully exhibited/ adopted the responsible and sustainable tourism practices against the FTT Standard and Certification Criteria
  • Compilation of a full audit report, indicating areas of non-compliance with any criteria and also identifying the corrective measures or actions that need to be undertaken to achieve certification
  • Evaluation of the corrective actions undertaken by the applicant to address non-compliance to relevant criteria
  • Recommending the applicant for certification or the alternative – not recommending the applicant for certification

The successful service provider will be expected to work with FTT’s online Quality Management System (QMS) and will be provided with the necessary training and tools including in particular the FTT Standard and Certification Criteria, Auditor’s Checklist, Product Certification Manual and Audit Report Templates.

The Respondent needs to submit the following in delivery of required services:

  • Develop a comprehensive, specific assessment process aligned to the existing FTT Certification protocol and related process. This in turn could include but is not limited to the following activities:
    • Design, create and establish an audit assessment control checklist.
    • Study and review all processing, specification sheets and data-sets to ensure audit assessment controls.
    • Develop, monitor and track audit assessment data and process improvements in all relevant products and services.
    • Assist and support in conducting and assessing audit and audit findings.
    • Research, study, evaluate and advise on all audit assessment controls and procedures for further improvements.
    • Ensure compliance of audit assessment controls with FTT’s Standard and Certification criteria.

The duration of the contract will be for two years. The Respondent must indicate in its Bid Proposal Submission the possible date for the commencement of services going forward.
Respondents are requested to submit the following in reply to this bid proposal:

  • Cover Letter/ Expression of Interest signed by the authorized representative of the Respondent. It needs to contain the following information: principal place of business and other location of offices/ services, company profile, main contact person with relevant contact details.
  • Summary of qualifications of the Respondent and its relevant team members that will be responsible/ accountable for the delivery of the service.
  • Details of the proposed team structure including an organogram.
  • Brief Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages) for the key auditors/ team leaders assigned to this account.
  • Brief motivation of the reasons and suitability of the Respondent to deliver this service that also points to the Respondent’s understanding of the terms of reference and relevant methodology and process at play.
  • Proposed costing and fee structure in relation to audit fees per day/ hour per size of business in turn calculated by the number of employees; as well as the fee per hour of travel time excluding relevant disbursements.
  • Three contactable references for similar assignments undertaken by the Respondent.

FTT reserves the right to seek additional information or clarification from the Respondents in determining suitability in delivering this service.

A full Bid Request can be obtained from Fair Trade Tourism's Website:

More information regarding the Fair Trade Tourism Standards & Criteria can be accessed on the Fair Trade Tourism Website:

Questions regarding the BR should be submitted in writing via email to: Bid proposals need to be submitted via email to on or before Monday 23 April 2018.

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