Call for Applications: Volunteer Board Subcommittee Opportunities

Tirisano Foundation
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Monday, 30 April, 2018
Opportunity type: 

Tirisano Foundation is an institution made up of young professionals from South African townships who, through education and self-development, have found a market for their skills and would like to impart similar knowledge to learners from similar backgrounds. 

The Foundations seeks to appoint Volunteer Board Subcommittee members.



  • Ensure that the interests of the organisation are protected in respect of contractual arrangements.
  • Ensure that the Organisation complies with the relevant legislation and that its dealings are ethically and legally sound
  • Ensure that the Organisation’s dealings are in line with its constitution
  • Drafting and reviewing legal agreements
  • Drafting Organisation’s constitution


  • Assisting the organisation across its various portfolios/departments to ensure its outcomes are met, particularly with regards to expenditure, financial management and operations.
  • Developing strategies and plans (i.e. budgets) for long-term financial goals of the organisation
  • Directing investment activities
  • Safe keeping of all financial records and source documents
  • Producing financial reports timeously and accurately
  • Ensuring timeous submissions to the relevant regulatory authorities including sponsors
  • Interacting with auditors and ensuring compliance to required standards



  • To build long sustainable relationships with mutually benefiting partners in various spheres that will make the TF learner the ultimate beneficiary.
  • Meet the business objective of each partner.
  • Find the “brand fit” to TF as it’s important to align with partners that will create synergies in the partnership

Approach to partnership

  • Partnership team work on outsourcing sponsorships (non-monetary) that organizations can offer to TF
  • Monetary contributions are appreciated and welcome, but as a last resort if time and resources are constraints to the potential sponsor.

Who we are typically looking to partner with

  • Peer non-profit organisation partnerships for academic, skills and experiential learning benefit of Tirisano learner
  • Tertiary institution partnership for learner placement in further education programmes post matric and career guidance
  • Corporate partnerships for skills transfer, learner placement, financial and resource investment and sponsorship    Government partnership for learner opportunities and school support

What are we looking for:

  • Individuals who are keen to promote the TF brand, vision and mission and demonstrate our value proposition, with the aim of creating long lasting relations with partners.
  • Willing to engage with various stakeholders and pursuing opportunities that will further TF and the learner


  • Central role that manages administrative tasks for the Tirisano Exco Team
  • Manage documentation recording and safe keeping for governance and compliance requirements (e.g. minutes and action registers)
  • Manage catering coordination for scheduled classes
  • Updating standing Data (TF contacts – Pros, Exco and partners)
    • Working together with the compliance team across TF’s various portfolios/departments to adhere to compliance requirements.
    • Working closely with the program manager to deliver communication of classes to be delivered
  • Head the team building initiatives for the team

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