Lushomo: Communications and Research Assistant

Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Thursday, 29 March, 2018
Opportunity type: 

Lushomo helps partner organisations do good by communicating complex information in a simple, effective way. Working mainly with the United Nations in the areas of environment and health, we take complicated and technical information and craft it into compelling communication products.
We are looking for a communications and research assistant: someone who is creative, organised, quick to learn, with experience of working in a team to meet a deadline.
You will be working with an exciting, dynamic team of designers, web developers, researchers and project managers to turn clients’ content into visually stimulating products. This job involves a high level of creative collaboration, with frequent meetings to brainstorm, give input and receive feedback. There is plenty of scope for growth in a number of career areas, particularly in the area of information design, working with the UN, and project management. But our work and deadlines can be tough and demanding. 

Your main role initially will be to slot into some of our existing projects, including on Malaria elimination and on Climate and Health (for WHO and WMO). This will involve digesting and summarizing research from our partner organisations, writing news items, communicating our ideas to designers and developers, some data analysis, and generating content for web and social media. Some tasks are inspiring - others are monotonous. But all your work will be based on an understanding of the importance of well-communicated material. Our job is to make it possible for our partner organisations to communicate crucial, evidence-based messages to their health and environmental workers, and sometimes even to the general public. If you like it here, and we work well together, the idea would be for us to help train you up for general account management.
This job involves:

  • Creating content for websites and reports
  • Understanding and communicating statistics and technical writing
  • Turning text and statistics into visuals, maps and infographics.
  • Desk-based research about our partner organisations’ projects
  • Editing
  • Help with proposal writing and business administration
  • General helping out – we are small team of 4 so we all do a bit of everything

The applicant should:

  • Be a team player.
  • Have a Master’s degree in public health, development, communications or another relevant field. This job involves academic and report writing, so experience in understanding and re-summarising large texts full of academic jargon is a must. You will also have to engage with scientists/researchers in the fields of health, environment and development, so it is important that you are able to quickly develop a general understanding of any of our clients’ areas of expertise.
  • Be able to simply and effectively communicate data and concepts.
  •  A good understanding of numbers, graphs and statistics. Many of the reports involve statistics that will have to be conceptualised visually.
  • Be creative with an interest in design.
  • Be able to think visually.
  • Have an eye for detail.
  • Have excellent English language skills – both verbal and written. You will need to communicate with clients, write content and occasionally proofread and edit content.
  • Be able to set and meet deadlines.
  • Work well under pressure with strict time deadlines.


  • Previous experience working in visual design or another communications-related field.
  • GIS
  • A love of creativity and teamwork.

If you’re interested in joining the team, let us know why. We look forward to hearing from you!
To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and any additional documentation (feel free to send examples of your academic or creative work) to For more information, visit


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