GROW: Regional Implementation Manager

GROW with Educare Centres
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Tuesday, 20 February, 2018
Opportunity type: 

The GROW with Educare Centres project was incubated by a partnership between The Clothing Bank and Grow Learning Company. Both partners have a deep understanding of the core components required to establish successful, self-sufficient, independent business owners who are able to provide quality education.

The Centre seeks to appoint a Regional Implementation Manager to be based in Gauteng.

Salary: R28 000

Report to:  Head of Operations


Internal operations:

  • Business Management
    • Manage Business Plan for the region                                           
    • Manage the implementation plan for the region
  • Staff Management
    • Team meeting report planning / updates / distribution for the region.
    • Recruit all new staff for the region
    • Performance management of all regional staff
    • Manage annual salary reviews
  • Financial Management
    • Give input annual financial budget for the region
    • Manage internal Financial Budget
      • Submit all invoices                                                   
      • Check monthly bank statement       
      • Draw up monthly income statement
    • Manage funding portfolio for the region
    • Manage Audit process for the region
  • Operations
    • Manage the implementation of the "GROW with Educare Centres" Chain of Events:
      • Internal
      • Training
      • Franchisee
    • Grow Learning Company
  • Marketing
    • Staff business cards                                                   
    • Utilise marketing collateral:
      • Website
      • Brochure                                                        
      • Video                                                                                  
      • Social Media - Facebook page                       
      • Pop-up banner
      • Mascot - Hippos
    • GROW with Educare Centres aprons

Recruitment of New Franchisees:

  • Franchisee Recruitment
    • Field all initial calls from potential Franchisees (usually existing Principals of Centres)        
    • Host information days for potential new Franchisees.        
    • Do initial site visit to check viability                          
    • Set up and facilitate recruitment day                       
    • Arrange final site visits before signing up with infrastructure upgrades person for quote
    • Secure deposit payments                                               
    • Map out orders for each new Centres
    • Work through Disclosure Document with final recruit 
    • Work through Franchise Agreement with final recruit
    • Complete the new Franchisee file          
    • Oversee upfront inventory check             
    • Manage the implementation process at new Centres with Education Implementation Manager
  • Ordering
    • Centres:
      • Annual new Centres orders for set up                   
      • ‘Top up’ orders for existing Centres                       
      • Annual consumable’s orders                         
      • Other supplier orders e.g. Makro                    
      • Tracking                                         
    • Marketing material for Centres
    • Printing orders                                                           
    • Stationary orders 
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
    • Source contractor to manage infrastructure upgrades
    • Manage the infrastructure upgrade process:
      • Sign off on quotes                                              
      • Pay invoices                                                        
    • Do inspection of final work
  • New Franchisee welcome breakfast
    • Host one breakfast to introduce and welcome new franchisees
    • Set dates and ensure invitations are sent out timeously
    • Manage caterer, events coordinator
  • Franchisees
    • Plan and facilitate monthly franchise meetings

Business Mentoring Portfolio

  • Business Mentor and Staff Management
    • Manage all Business Mentors and their outputs for all Centres including:
      • Annual budget setting
      • B v A monitoring
      • Insurance
      • Fee collection: Deposit and franchise fee payments
    • Oversee Registration process
    • Oversee Government Subsidy process

Education Portfolio

  • Oversee the Education Implementation Managers in the Regions
    • Oversee all aspects of the Education Implementation Managers role
    • Perform Annual Quality Assurance at all Centres to ensure all franchise standards are being maintaine
  • Aligning Performance for Success:  Focus and guild others in accomplishing work objectives
  • Coaching and Developing Others:  Provide feedback, instruction, and development guidance to help others excel in their current or future job responsibilities; planning and supporting the development of individual skills and abilities
  • Compelling Communication:  Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups; communicating in a focused and compelling way that captures and holds others’ attention
  • Emotional Intelligence:  Establish and sustain trusting relationships by accurately perceiving and interpreting one’s own and others’ emotions and behaviour in the context of the political environment; leveraging insights to effectively manage one’s own responses and reactions
  • Business Savvy:  Demonstrate a keen understanding of basic business operations and the organizational levers (systems, processes, departments, functions) that drive profitable growth; draws from personal experience to quickly evaluate business plans and processes to identify data or recommendations that need further investigation.
  • Financial Acumen:  Utilise financial data to diagnose business strengths and weaknesses and identify the implications for potential strategies; keeping a financial perspective in the forefront when making strategic decisions.


  • Bachelor Degree
  • A minimum of five years’ experience within the business sector
  • Have previous business, project and staff management experience
  • Verbal, written and communication skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Sound financial experience

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