Call for Proposals: e-Platform for Regional Training, Civic Education and Internal Staff Engagement

Democracy Works Foundation
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 6 December, 2017
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

Democracy Works Foundation is currently implementing a 3-year project aimed at strengthening the democratic structures and institutions of political parties in Botswana, Lesotho, and Malawi to better respond to and represent the needs of their constituents, particularly in the areas of water and energy resource management. A core component of this project is providing training to members of political parties through various online and offline platforms that promote learning and regional knowledge sharing. 

Purpose of the Assignment

The incumbent will develop an e-platform, for the project’s use. Project staff will be able to provide training courses and target specific audiences with tailored communications campaigns. The platform will be available for project staff to upload and rollout training content and campaign materials. The platform will allow for interactive engagement with learners as well have comprehension and testing capabilities. The platform must allow for content iteration, as needs change, as well as for the owner to be able to track the current status of each learner.

Establishment of an e-Learning Platform for the provision of training material and courses and communications campaigns to targeted audiences, according to the following requirements:

  • A free to access, adaptable open platform that allows Democracy Works Foundation and Partners to host learning journeys to engage the widest possible number of learners
  • Customisation of the graphical interface according to the Project Graphic identity
  • Implementation of the tracking service to allow for the monitoring of progress of each
  • Four functioning “learning paths” activated for the delivery of training contents
  • Activation of all ancillary services foreseen by the platform like chat, forum, agenda, media centre, evaluation tests, quizzes and so on

Provision of training to Democracy Works Foundation staff on how to optimally utilise the e-platform

  • The contractor will provide training to Democracy Works Foundation staff on how to utilise the platform and develop learning paths for the purposes of the project

Technical Services

  • Provision of technical support to Democracy Works Foundation staff both telephonic and web based, as required
  • Undertake systems updates and add new users, as required

 Role of Democracy Works Foundation

  • Content creation and supervision of conversion to the platform
  • Promotion of the eLearning program among stakeholders and on relevant platforms
  • Development of incentive strategies for achievers
  • Approval of courseware and program content for the four supported learning paths

 Duration: 1-3 years
Request for Proposals 

Democracy Works Foundation is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified e-learning technology companies to undertake this work.
Interested applicants are expected to submit a proposal of 4-7 pages with the following components:

Technical proposal to include:

  • A maximum of one and half pages outlining the consultant’s understanding of the TORs
  • An outline of the proposed methodology to conduct the assignment.
  • An activities schedule/work plan with time frame (including a Gantt chart)
  • Copies of CV(s) for the lead consultant(s), and the supporting team, outlining who will undertake the different roles within the assignment, if applicable.
  • Descriptions of three relevant examples of recent work with referees for whom the consultant has carried out similar work, (stating the organisation, assignment undertaken, date and duration, contact person’s name, email address and contact number)

Financial Proposal detailing the following:

  • Itemised fees
  • Itemised breakdown of any additional chargeable expenses, including any field work related costs and any administrative costs or overhead charges.
  • Validity period for the quotation 

Interested parties are requested to submit their proposals to

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