Request for Applications: Appointment of Local South African NGOs to Support TB Management at Community Level

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Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 15 November, 2017
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

Section 1: Introduction
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Tuberculosis South Africa Project (2016-2021) provides support and technical assistance to the Government of South Africa aimed at contributing to national efforts to reduce the burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the country. The USAID TB South Africa Project works closely with national and provincial partners to identify and close gaps to improve TB management and further develop sustainable systems for long-term improvements in TB and drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) diagnosis, care and treatment services. The project builds on the activities and approaches utilized by the previous USAID TB Program South Africa and USAID TB Care II Project, which supported the National Department of Health (NDOH) in improving early case detection, increasing access to diagnostics, ensuring treatment support for patients on TB treatment, and promoting quality, integrated services for TB/HIV patients.

The project is aligned to the South Africa National Strategic Plan (NSP) on HIV, TB and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) 2017-2022 and is in accordance with the End TB Strategy of the World Health Organization (WHO) and with the United States Government’s Global TB Strategy (2015-2019). The overall project objectives are to:

  • Reduce TB infections;
  • Increase the sustainability of effective TB response systems; and
  • Improve care and treatment of vulnerable populations. 

To assist the USAID TB South Africa Project to fulfil its mandate, several small grants will be awarded to South African organizations in compliance with USAID regulations.

Local grant sub-recipients will include: non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (i.e.  National NGOs, local NGOs, faith-based organizations (FBOs), civil society organizations (CSOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs)) and private institutions (e.g. universities), among others. Awarding these small grants aims to enhance locally-driven sustainable mechanisms to strengthen the use of local resources and institutions and the development of qualified local personnel to help increase the demand, quality and availability of TB, multidrug-resistant TB (MDR) and TB/HIV services.

This Request for Applications (RFAs) is issued as the first step to selecting potential grantees through a competitive process to implement interventions that strengthen efforts aimed at reducing TB infections in South Africa. The interventions implemented by selected local NGOs will encompass TB case detection, active case finding, follow up of TB cases during provision of daily directly observed therapy (DOT) support and contact management, prevention of MDR-TB, integration of TB and TB/HIV services, establishment of public-private partnerships (PPP), as well as implementation of advocacy, communication and social mobilization activities. USAID TB South Africa Project will support selected organizations through capacity building to ensure effective implementation of the grant.

For more information on the project’s objectives, activities and supported districts please refer to Annex1: Overview of the USAID TB South Africa Project

Section 2: Eligibility Criteria 

USAID TB South Africa Project reserves the right to award multiple grants, cooperative agreements, collaboration agreements or no awards at all through this RFA. This RFA seeks applications from local South African organizations for funding in Fiscal Year (FY) covering the period October 2017 to September 2018. The number of awards under this RFA is subject to availability of funds and the best interests and requirements of the USAID TB South Africa Project, as well as viability and quality of proposals received.  Organizations may opt to not participate in this RFA.

To be considered for an award under this RFA, each applicant must meet the following criteria as indicated in the subsequent sections:

  • Be a legally registered organization recognized under the laws of South Africa and submit the relevant registration documents as part of this application   
  • Have demonstrated experience working with TB and TB/HIV in local communities or with local key populations (e.g. farm workers, migrants, mine workers, children etc.)
  • Have demonstrated capacity to manage grant funds; evidence of a bank account
  • Prove evidence of a physical office structure (preferred: located in areas to be served)
  • Have demonstrated linkages with the communities to be served, including a letter of support from the local Department of Health
  • Possess audited financial statement(s) (preferred) and submit these as part of this application
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with the USAID TB South Africa Project and also with districts and provinces
  • Be willing to fulfil all expectations for participation in the program, including reporting and documentation of project activities and participation in organizational needs assessments, trainings, workshops, exchange visits, or other activities deemed desirable by USAID TB South Africa Project staff.

NB: NGOs currently receiving funding through the PEPFAR program for TB/HIV activities, within the same funding period, are not be eligible to receive funding through the USAID TB South Africa Project mechanism.

In addition, all prospective sub-grantees must be organizations with a reputation for integrity, the highest standards of conduct and a proven track record in their particular areas of expertise. They should be able to demonstrate respect for human rights, gender sensitivity, and integration of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in their organization, as well as decent work conditions, environmental protection, and community involvement in their practices. Organizations should also be able to provide evidence of strong commitment to the proposed project objectives and experience in working in partnership with others.

Section 3: Project Sites

Priority will be given to organizations that include activities in high TB burden and poor performing districts in eight provinces in South Africa (all provinces with the exception of Northern Cape). Preference will be given to activities proposed in Government of South Africa priority districts for TB, and USAID TB South Africa Project-supported districts as listed below. 

Province District
Eastern Cape Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, OR Tambo, Sarah Baartman
Free State Fezile Dabi, Mangaung Metro
Gauteng Johannesburg Metro, Tshwane Metro
KwaZulu-Natal Amajuba, Harry Gwala, uMkhanyakude, eThekwini
Limpopo Sekhukhune, Vhembe, Waterberg
Mpumalanga Ehlanzeni, Gert Sibande
North-West Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati
Western Cape Cape Winelands, West Coast

Applicants can propose to work in more than one district/province, but they must be able to demonstrate sufficient capacity to do so.

Section 4: Application Review Process 

3.1 Review Process
The USAID TB South Africa Project will collaborate with USAID/Southern Africa, NDOH, National TB Program, and local stakeholders throughout the process of identifying potential individual grant recipients and review procedures. The USAID’s Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) will be fully involved throughout, as appropriate.  USAID TB South Africa Project desires transparency in the selection of recipients of funds, and throughout the entire management cycle of the grants program.  Compliance with United States and international regulations will be maintained.  A log will be set up to track each phase of the application process. USAID TB South Africa Project will distribute copies of applications received to members of a Grants Selection Committee (GSC) that will be constituted for the assignment.
The GSC will evaluate all applications according to the evaluation criteria outlined below. In addition, the review process may include:

  • Discussion with potential grantees based on technical comments from the GSC;
  • Rejection in the case of misunderstandings or disagreements during negotiations;
  • A cost analysis of the proposed budget will also be conducted to determine the reasonableness and allowability of costs;
  • Proposals that meet all requirements and pass the evaluation of the GSC will be submitted to the USAID TB South Africa Project Chief of Party and USAID COTR for final approval.
  • Site visits and/or physical collection of additional information may also be conducted as necessary (these visits may also be used to confirm the relevance of activities and budget line items, but also to reject requests that do not appear to be well justified

The key selection criteria includes:

  • Assessment of the relevance of  proposed technical strategies to USAID TB South Africa Project objectives;
  • Determination of the comprehensiveness of approach proposed, and feasibility of achieving results;
  • Assessment of cost reasonableness and allowability

The GCS will be responsible for recommending grant applicants for funding.  Key recommendations of the GSC will fall in the following categories:

  • Recommended for funding
  • Fundable but needs changes in technical/financial approach and or staffing
  • Not-recommended for funding.

The USAID COTR must approve all proposed grant recipients before the final award is made. After the final award decision has been made, USAID TB South Africa Project will provide written feedback on the outcomes of their application to all applicants. USAID TB South Africa Project will not release proprietary information regarding a competing proposal of a proponent to competitors. Once an award has been made, the recipient(s) will meet with the USAID TB South Africa Project technical team and financial staff to negotiate the final sub-agreement documents. USAID TB South Africa Project, at its sole discretion, may request clarification from applicants concerning technical and/or cost issues; may conduct discussions or site visits to applicant’s offices considered for funding; or may award a sub-contract without discussion.

Accordingly, proposals should take care to include the applicant’s best terms from both a technical and cost standpoint.

Issuance of this RFA does not constitute an award or commitment on the part of USAID TB South Africa Project nor does the project commit to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application

3.1 Grants Selection Committee
USAID TB South Africa Project will establish a GSC, comprised of the Chief of Party (COP), other members of the project’s technical staff (including as appropriate both in-country and headquarters personnel), and host country counterparts (e.g. a country partner organization, representatives from national and/or local health counterparts from where the proposed activity would take place).  The donor representative (i.e. USAID’s Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) is usually a non-voting member of the GSC. USAID TB South Africa Project desires transparency in the selection of recipients to receive funds, and throughout the entire management cycle of the grants program.  To maintain the integrity and transparency of the GSC, USAID TB South Africa Project will ensure that no members of the GSC have conflicts of interest regarding the applicants or the subject matter of the grant in question.  Conflict may arise when the employee, officer, or agent, any member of his or her immediate family (relatives in first, second or third degree), partner or an organization which employs or is about to employ any of these parties has a real or perceived financial interest in the organization selected for the award. Before participating in the process to select grantees, each member of the GSC will be required to sign a ‘no conflict of interest’ declaration form.

Section 5: Evaluation Criteria  

USAID TB South Africa Project will evaluate both technical and cost categories to determine whether an application provides the best value. 

Criteria Points
Organization background/experience 20
Qualifications and management of assigned staff 20
Technical approach 40
Management plan 10
Timetable/implementation plan 10
Cost proposal 25


The cost section will be assessed in terms of the applicant's capability to accomplish the sub-contract’s objectives within the estimated cost proposed. The cost section will be evaluated for cost reasonableness, allowability, cost-effectiveness and realism, adequacy of budget detail and financial feasibility and cost-sharing.

The selected grantees will be notified of the award decision on/or around January 2018
Section 6: Complete Application Requirements  

  • The technical grant proposal must be submitted to the USAID TB South Africa Project Pretoria office in two hard copies with a backup electronic copy in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. 
  • The financial application will also be submitted to the USAID TB South Africa Project Pretoria office in two hard copies with a backup electronic copy in Microsoft Excel format with supporting documentation in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format.
  • The full application pack will consist of five documents :( 1) technical proposal (2) work plan (3) indicators (4) budget and (5) budget notes attached herein. All fully completed application documents should be submitted in both electronic and hard copy as above.
  • The company documents will consist of the documents listed in Annex 7 of the application pack

Section 7: Submission Instructions 
Applicants are expected to review, understand, and comply with all aspects of this RFA.  Failure to do so will be at the applicant’s risk.  Each applicant should furnish all information required by this RFA. On the application itself, an authorized representative of the applying organization should complete their details on behalf of the organization.  Erasures or other changes must be initialled by the person signing on behalf of the organization. 
Responses to this Request for Applications are due no later than November 15th, 2017, 16:00 Pretoria time.  Applications delivered and/or received after this deadline will not be considered and will be marked disqualified and returned. Responses to the RFA, and all written and oral communications between USAID TB South Africa Project Pretoria and prospective grantees, including the sub-agreement, will be in English.
Two hard copies hand-delivered to the physical address below. URC will not be collecting applicant proposals at the post office. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that application documents are delivered at the URC offices.  
Ms Thandeka Dayimani, Grants Technical Manager & Ms Hyla van Den Berg, Grants Administrator
USAID TB South Africa Project
Aquity House
44 Sovereign Drive,
Route 21 Corporate Park, Nellmapius Drive, Irene, 0178
Pretoria, South Africa

Electronic copies must be submitted no later than November 15th, 2017 at 16:00 Pretoria time to
Electronic submissions will not be accepted on their own, they must be submitted together with two hard copies as per instructions above.
Upon receipt of the formal grant applications, the USAID TB South Africa Project Pretoria office will record the date and time of receipt, the name of the organization, and the signature of the organization’s representative who is delivering the proposal.  The USAID TB South Africa Project Pretoria office will also keep both originals and make a copy for the office files.  The USAID TB South Africa Project Pretoria representative who receives a copy of the application will provide the applicant with a letter of receipt to confirm delivery.

In addition to the required proposal application elements, all applicants may be asked to present or undergo:

  • Pre-award review of organizational internal control policies (personnel, accounting, property management, purchasing, financial reporting) as deemed appropriate;
  • Pre-award review of financial statements or audit documentation as deemed appropriate; and
  • Past performance references, and
  • Conflict of Interest certification.

Any questions should be directed to Ms Thandeka Dayimani/Ms Patricia Ngwetjana on +27-12-484-9300. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
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