Call For Proposals: Training Modules

Africa Disability Alliance
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Wednesday, 18 October, 2017
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

The Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) is a technical agency established to implement the AU continental plan of action for persons with disabilities and the UN Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities in Africa.  The ADA has offices in Pretoria South Africa (HQ), Dakar – Senegal and Addis Ababa – Ethiopia.  It has footprints in the following 25 African countries: Namibia, Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Burundi, Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, Mauritania, Tunisia, Gambia, Mali, Cape Verde, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal, Kenya, and Mozambique.

The Africa Disability Alliance seeks to engage the services of an experienced technical person/institutions to develop three training modules, that are standardised, and will unpack provisions of the Africa Disability Protocol (ADP). The modules will among other things conscientise commissioners of the ACHPR and CSOs on the different articles, their provisions and how to competently enforce the ADP.
The vision of the organisation is an African continent where people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and its mission is to be an African knowledge-based organisation that works in partnership with the AU, African governments, Civil Society Organisation and Disabled People Organisations to promote inclusive development and human rights for people with disabilities
The Africa Disability Alliance is hereby inviting experienced and relevant resource persons and institutions in the advocacy sector with a proven track record in advocacy and campaigning at continental level to submit proposals in respect of the following:
Scope of Work

Making use of the provisions in the ADP, background of the disability movement and conceptualisation of the African legal provisions, the resource person will be tasked with producing three training modules.  The modules will unpack the enforcement mechanisms for the ADP, unravel the key roles of the commissioners of the ACHPR, the African Court, CSOs and individual litigants. The modules will also form a basis and guide on how to do shadow-reporting. Shadow-reporting forms support mechanisms and will be crucial to enhance enforcement of the ADP.  

Main Tasks

  • Conduct literature review, internet research/desktop research on Africa Disability Protocol and its statutes and provisions
  • Analyse and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the African Union, African Commission on Human and People’s Rights and the African Court, CSOs with regards the ADP and its enforcement/operationalisation
  • Develop three training modules that will guide training on the provisions of the ADP, the enforcement mechanisms and key roles for each stakeholder
  • Modules should clearly lay out the disability monitoring requirements as per the ADP
  • Prepare a Power Point presentation on the good practice toolkit
  • Prepare a close-out report
  • Prepare an article on this work/assignment for the ADA Newsletter/website

Presentation of The Proposal

  • All bidders should submit a detailed proposal and a schedule of pricing
  • Bidders’ proposals should provide the following information
  • Introduction (maximum two paragraphs)
  • Technical Proposal related to all aspects of the tender, provide background of the company including its experience in the industry and traceable references (maximum five pages)
  • Company and/or individual profiles and CVs for all key personnel to be utilised for this tender. Specify your internal capacity that will be utilised on this tender. (maximum two pages)
  • Detailed Financial Proposal (maximum one page)
  • Bidders must demonstrate proficiency in English, ability to manage diversity and international relations, data analysis / presentation

Management of the Assignment
Oversight and Coordination:

  • This assignment will be overseen by the Africa Disability Alliance as the Contracting Authority
  • The day-to-day coordination of the assignment will be the responsibility of the Programme Team of the Africa Disability Alliance

Logistics and Timing


  • This is a non-residential assignment which does not include residence at the offices of the Africa Disability Alliance in Pretoria, South Africa
  • The ADA reserves the right to send an evaluation mission to the place of business of a short-listed resource person or training institution and to conduct reference checks

Expertise Required

  • At least ten years of experience in Law including legal practice with extensive proven experience in good practice documentation or litigation
  • Experience and track record working on human rights cases or supporting human rights oriented organisations of people with disabilities
  • Advanced conceptual and practical knowledge with regard to interpretation of legal instruments, legislation or policies

General Provisions

  • The ADA reserves the right not to appoint any bidder
  • The ADA’s policies with regard to, among other things, procurement, diversity management and financial management will apply.
  • Bidder must disclose any existing or potential conflict of interest with regard to this call for proposals
  • The ADA reserves the right to negotiate terms and work arrangements based on the proposals submitted
  • Terms of this call for proposals may be revised to match the best fit that will secure results in a cost-effective manner.
  • ADA internal procurement procedures and rules will apply
  •  Bidders must commit to include disability and related human rights as part of their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) or corporate social investments (CSI)
  • Suppliers should comply with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No. 5 of 2000 and the Employment Equity Act of 1998 as they relate to persons with disabilities

Submission of Proposal:

  • Interested individuals and qualified institutions can submit their applications online to
  • Submissions should be made on or before Wednesday the 18th of October 2017. Closing time 17:00 hours South African time


  • ADA reserves the right not to appoint should the bid be inadequate in terms of functionality or pricing
  • ADA reserves the right to withdraw or amend these terms of reference. The ADA is not obliged to accept the lowest bidder

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