Call for Proposals: Communications Contractor

Southern African AIDS Trust
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
Opportunity closing date: 
Saturday, 19 August, 2017
Opportunity type: 
Call for proposals

SAT is an innovative organisation with a regional footprint contributing to improved systems for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of girls, adolescents and women in Southern Africa. We work to empower girls, adolescents and women to participate in inclusive and equitable systems for health at local, national and regional levels. SAT operates in seven SADC countries, connecting community voices and experiences to national, regional and international networks, while bringing global best practices in HIV and SRHR to communities through strategic partnerships.
SAT is inspired by its values and vision of a world in which resilient communities across Southern Africa enjoy good health and wellbeing free from stigma and discrimination. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to improved health and well-being of girls, adolescents and young women in more equitable and inclusive systems for health.
SAT communications objective
The objective of SAT’s communication is to direct the messaging in a more concerted manner around specific community challenges drumming support for, better partnership, measurable outcomes and funding. It also aims to improve SAT’s visibility, project the organisation as an investor of choice. Lastly better inform SAT’s key stakeholders on its programmes and activities.


The appointment of a suitable service provider / agency to render communications services to SAT on a retainer contract.

Scope of Work 

The successful service provider is expected to provide resources and capacity with the requisite skills and experience to assist;

  • SAT to accomplish its strategic communications objectives, branding, communications services - including public relations and marketing management, graphic design, content development, writing, editing, animation, presentations, social media strategy and management, website design and management, events management, media relations and media monitoring.

The service provider will work with the SAT communications and advocacy team to achieve the communications strategy with approval from the Chief Operations Officer and the Executive Director.

  • Assist profile SAT in the various media – including all television, press and radio interviews;
  • Devise and implement a media relations and liaison strategy;
  • Assist with the development of the PR component of the SAT brand profiled in the media;
  • Assist to develop, edit and manage communications and content for various media channels broadcast, print, radio, online (website, social media) and for various advocacy campaigns etc.;
  • Develop and implement a dissemination strategy to ensure communications products reach the various target audiences across all mediums: broadcast, print, radio and online
  • Design communications, advocacy, research and public relations materials (Brochure, research report, Annual Report, advocacy materials, advertorials and website copy updates)
  • Issue Media/Press releases and statements – as and when required;
  • Assist to develop, advise and implement a social media strategy including the management thereof;
  • Regular media monitoring and compilation of reports on all media coverage
  • Attend monthly status update meetings and provide progress reporting for all campaigns and PR;
  • Attendance at Stakeholder events, as and when required; Assist with Advertising in various Media (ad-hoc) – as and when required;
  • Assist with Event Management (press events, PR events, etc.) and exhibitions – as and when required.

Proposal Requirements and Process 

The company/agency should submit the following:

  • Summary of your company, background, resources, and relevant experience especially in the field of communications and SRHR
  • Examples of past projects, preferably of a similar size and scope
  • References from past projects, preferably matching those projects noted above
  • Outlined phases and timelines
  • Proposed budget

Agencies/company will be shortlisted based on the information submitted to SAT and invited to an interview after which a company will be chosen.

The contract period will be one year, effective from the date of signing of the contract. The contract renewal will be subject to availability of resources.
Evaluation Requirement 
The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals that are submitted by the service provider:

Item No. Criteria Description Weighting
  Functionality and Price  
1 Experience, Skills and Ability of Service Provider to fulfil SAT requirements, Past experience in work of this nature as outlined above
Submit a minimum of three (3) samples of PR campaigns, branding projects completed, and websites managed, including the communications and media strategy applied and the types of media channels used.
2 Reference checks and referees:
Submit a minimum of three (3) relevant and contactable clients that were serviced in the past 5 years consistent with the criteria description.
3 Price: The service provider should indicate a monthly fixed retainer excluding VAT. 30
  TOTAL 100

To apply, submit all the relevant documents electronically (by email) to:  no later than 19 August 2017 at 12:00 pm.

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