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Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre
Please note: this opportunity closing date has passed and may not be available any more.
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Friday, 28 July, 2017
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The Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to end violence against women (TLAC) is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1996 to promote and defend the rights of women to be free from violence and to have access to quality and responsive services from the police and justice system. Currently, TLAC is focused on seeing the successful implementation of the laws it helped to develop and in ensuring a stronger, more responsive justice system that protects and upholds the rights of women experiencing or at risk of experiencing gender based violence. 

TLAC seeks the services of a consultant to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of a social enterprise for the sole purpose of generating income to support the programmes of the organisation. 

This study must be conducted in the context of generating income with the primary focus being to have a social impact. The study should consider the following:

  • Giving focus to the project
  • Narrow the business alternatives
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Identify reasons not to proceed, if any
  • Provides valuable information for “go/no go” decision
  • Increase probability of business success by identifying weaknesses early
  • Provide documentation that the idea was thoroughly investigated

The scope of the study will be as follows
Needs Analysis

  • Provide a context to the social enterprise proposition
  • Analyse the justification of the idea, with a study of possible alternatives
  • Link the social enterprise idea to the current circumstances and help to inform evaluation of the idea

Economic, Political, Social and Cultural Analysis

  • Identify the economic, political, social and cultural factors that may support of hinder the project


  • Description of the technical aspects of the idea, including any changes needed to be made to existing processes
  • Assess the need to add items to existing range of products and services
  • Propose a list of services/products that may be best suited and which are within the scope and capacity of TLAC
  • Define the skills required to meet the services/product requirements

Legal Feasibility

  • Is the project legally feasible? 
  • What are the minimum legal requirements that need to be met? 
  • Time frames required to comply with legal obligations
  • Other legal matters to consider – licensing, insurance, etc.

Financial Feasibility

  • Estimate the total capital requirements
  • Estimate cash flow required for the first 12 months
  • Budget expected costs and returns for a three-year period
  • Propose a cost mode and pricing of products/services for the firm

Economic Feasibility

  • Identify the financial benefits and costs associated with the project to assess the feasibility of the proposed project to generate economic benefits
  • Conduct a benefit-cost analysis (addressing a problem or need in the manner proposed by the project compared to other, the cost of other approaches to the same or similar problem) is required
  • Conduct a breakeven analysis when appropriate is also a required aspect to evaluate the economic feasibility of the project

Organisational / Managerial Feasibility

  • Investigate and propose an operating model
  • Propose and organisational and management structure
  • Design key job profiles for positions required to run the firm

Market Feasibility

  • Conduct a market needs analysis to view the potential impacts of market demand, competitive activities, etc.
  • Assess market share available and options to grow market share
  • Assess possible competitive activities by competitors, whether local, regional, national or international

Sensitivity and Risk Analysis

  • Analyse the risk to reward ratio
  • Determine the sensitivity to competition and calculate the liquidation rate of companies in this industry
  • Determine what kind of growth and survival strategies will be required
  • The study must also propose a time frame until full implementation of the project supported by a project plan with key milestones

Criteria for Selection Of Consultant

  • Experience in working with and/or establishing social enterprises 
  • Some understanding of the legal environment, laws and conditions required for law firms to operate
  • Understanding of finance and economics as it relates to social enterprises 
  • Understanding of the work of the organisation and the sector in which it operates
  • Experience in conducting feasibility studies or similar projects
  • Project management skills
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills

The feasibility study must be completed within three (3) months from appointment.

Submit your full application to Towera Sichinga at 

  • Proposal 
  • CV 
  • Three relevant references
  • Sample of a similar project undertaken by the consultant
  • Cost quote 
  • Draft work plan for the project

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